Circus Krone

Bavarian music Cabaret: D cube san round Tue 15.10.2013 start: 20:00 – inlet: 19:00 – circus Krone “If hint front is, grod sleep, Black colored and guad bad, then san the dice around” after making over 300 appearances with the program “Outlaws” on Bavaria’s most prestigious stages, including in the circus krone and in the slaughterhouse of Munich, is now the new work of da Huawa, as Meier and I: ‘San around D ‘ dice’ there! Already in “Outlaws” Huawa, as Meier and I threw her image of a Bavarian boy band overboard there and they are grown up now entirely with “D ‘ cube san round”. It is thoughtful, critical, political, superior, fair and square, and as always highly musical. Songs about the “real honest, dreggade sickness, it, wunderscheene Lebn” can be found as well as the typical pieces of DHuawDMeierundI with powerful percussion and angular guitar. Caterpillar is a great source of information. The new program is just so against Joie de vivre and Christian, Matthias and Frank show how guad we are in the scheena region of Bavaria. There would be not these corners and edges, which does nobody like to see the dark mind clouds, we Hirnkastl us slide before’s and this wind, if it spins, then turn it like Fahnderl with – the politicians, Star chefs, lobbyists and bankers, if she a little more profit daschmeggan.

Da Huawa as Meier and I show exactly where lacking in the free State, without the raised index finger, with a good dose of wit and irony. As a single word, is “Bye”, model of a home without dialect, where you KUB know where it actually belongs namely. Everything in the right place is but at da Huawa, as Meier and I. Da Huawa on the guitar, because I am the percussion and harmony and da Meier in the bass and the Blosn. The gags jumbled as this ever ever. In 23 KW, the new album landed on topped the German comedy: news/31849 comedy charts learn more about the artists: tickets available at, and Munich ticket and eventim. Admission: 25,84 incl. PREselling – and system charge venue: circus Krone – Marshall Street 43 – 80336 Munich Organizer: sudpolmusic GmbH in cooperation with KultTour GmbH (text: – the creative agency)