Western College

Live life – do not cross a field. With this phrase, any fan of the series will agree to Sims, and will be right. In fact, since 2004, when the world saw the second part of the game in the universe Sims appeared immutable rule. Live life – then play 29 virtual days. It was such a time period sufficient for the youth in the game turned into a decrepit old man. During this time, you must have time to build up my life: to achieve success at home and at work to find a second half, and … give DNA. Yes, The Sims 2 player to put very specific purpose (as opposed to the mindless development is not identified with the outside world of the family in the first Sims.) Moreover, the company Maxis has a rule to improve the level of graphics from series to series.

Sims 3 release is scheduled for February 2009, and videos, submitted by developers recently, this rule is confirmed. There is one law: in every part of a series of very fine player will detail, animation, and in the expansion The Sims 2, and another great facial expressions. Developers should consider any and all actions of characters, including what so fans are waiting for 'strawberries' (the removal of censorship, as well as adding new sites for employment love is available, if you enter the corresponding codes in the Sims). Do not want to strawberries? Want to get married? In the original version it is possible. Want more? Want to wedding preparations, to communicate with managers on request limousine service and selection of wedding dresses? Enough free download The Sims 2: Celebrations, and you get a complete kit for organizing a wedding celebration. Or maybe you want to feel as a student of Western College? Or life play a successful businessman? All this is possible: some thought as to the main game, and every detail worked out in a great many additions to the Sims. Choose clothes, hairstyle change characters – The Sims 2 for fun fans of the game in daughters and mothers are guaranteed.

Waiting for you to roam. Oh, and since I mentioned the existence of codes for the Sims 2, one can not talk about 'legitimate doping'. In a series of artifacts appeared! These artifacts, which give hero of fantastic abilities: glasses, which improve relevance to you (hello to you Fallout 2), vacuum cleaner, which allows additional stretch 'aspiration points' of the interlocutor. The brightest developers joke – the dream of Pinocchio – the tree, which instead leaves grow green SLE (freely convertible currency). Most cheat artifact – an elixir of youth, which returns a character three virtual day of life. Few people ever to sit in the cockpit of a fighter to participate in Street reyserskih races, and that very few lucky ones who took part in the hostilities of the future, because other simulations have to be estimated by eye. A series of Sims, life simulator, appreciated by millions of users who could try living in reality. Rated 'excellent', exhibited by such players, non-negotiable!