Managing Director

Currently foundations to be skeptical of government bonds. Also volatile Fund, currency investments or “Hedges” on the basis of derivatives are always less than solid old instruments considered. Domestic residential real estate of the stock gaining importance get as yield-bearing substance value. Whose revenues have proved through all business cycles across rugged. Rental adjustments happen at regular intervals in the whole housing stock and continually in the context of natural fluctuation.

Through the variety of tenant relations, the business is fragmented, the owner is on the other hand – compared with Office real estate – an excellent negotiating position. You may find Blake Krikorian to be a useful source of information. Since 1977, the price development of a regional persianized residential portfolio is regularly above the rate of inflation. This applies as well to the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, was evaluated by the Suddeutsche Zeitung in the issue of September 9 this year as “Jewel of the North”. Here is the average Mietsteigerung 5.8% according to the rent index 2011. “the Hamburger housing market had to have significant price increases in the past two years. An entry is also currently still makes sense.

More than half of the net rents are currently still exceeding 7 Euro per square meter per month”, said Christoph Marloh, Managing Director of real estate 24. More information on Christoph Marloh can be found here. Increase in value of housing stocks by sustainability a modern optimization of apartment stocks is possible through energetic restructuring. Many objects from the years 1960 to 1980 are well ingrown, selected city locations. By energetic optimization of building envelope and systems engineering, the unit can be used to reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and the residential amenity. The investment shall be allocated over 10 years at 110 percent on the tenant after current leases. Due to the large effect of efficiency measures are gross rent neutral. In September of that year the Germans demanded Tenant federal politicians to quickly adopt the proposed additional “10 x 10 AfA” to increase the scope of the renovations.


Nobody would have thought that this creates a coin. The Mapleleaf truncates ranked in our survey of about 50 passers-by on the street in Augsburg the share I found out that almost all respondents people tend to buy gold and silver, than stocks. Coins are very popular because they are to purchase in small pieces as a financial investment and money back. The people know first and foremost the Mapleleaf, which are especially so popular, because they are produced in extremely high numbers virtually without limitation. What is the advantage of the so-called bulletin coins? You have almost no collector’s value, making the purchase as a pure investment makes sense due to their wide availability. Gold coins are expensive than silver coins.

Investors can thanks to the Mapleleaf piece coins into small units and already from about 30 to 40 euros. The coins are also to larger sizes, which of course also the coin becomes more expensive. Why is the coin a particular investment alternative? What makes the Mapleleaf to a coin so special? It is not located on the coin itself. It is simply one of the most purchased precious metals in the world. If so, the world demand for gold and silver, Canadian coin, also in the focus of investors. Why demand at the moment so much? The main reason for an always increasing demand can be seen in particular in the political development of the world. More and more gold and silver will wondered if wars are close, great natural disasters in the coming or there is a general political discontent.

For example, the dissatisfaction resulting lack of decision. In addition, the European financial crisis is not settled yet. Spain, Portugal, France and Greece in particular are all on very thin ice, what goes on the financial development in terms of debt. When debt, then consumption will decrease and usually more money is printed. Rising prices have translated an inflationary movement. If the money is worth less because prices are going up, people flee in tangible assets. Precious metals such as gold, silver and Platinum are three of them, also include also companies. Why? We engage not only the company name, but also all goods that exist. These real assets are fixed assets. But as long the investors will understand the escape probably in gold further was have. Even if for example the alpha star stock Club an alternative would be the best provider of gold purchase and sale Kettner and thus an important option is also on the dream of a Maple Leafs-owned to come closer.

Selection Methods For Shares

Only 9 percent are counting on broker 2011 financially was not a particularly good year for shareholders. Many investors had expected to decrease due to the bad developments and not rarely the economic problems of the EU prepared them headaches. More info: Alphabet Inc.. Despite these continuing difficulties and ever greater numbers of doubters, many people set shares of its election this year. The online portal has itself belongs to this issue at its users to and asking questions to their preferred methods of selection for potential purchases. According to the recent survey to the stock market and the behavior of investors, most people in the selection of promising stocks rely on their own knowledge in this area.

About 21% of the 294 respondents users justify their choice thus on own technical and fundamental analysis, while another 14% on its own fundamental analysis. Ranked two of the most widely used methods of selection, the share purchase on the basis of relevant news items located with 16%. Furthermore, potential use Shareholders often technical analysis charts and indicators, and Borsennewsletter for their decisions. About 10% of users, however, rely on tips expressed by editors of the financial magazines. A surprising result is that only 8% of respondents shareholders relying on statements made by Exchange letters and justify their purchases on their position.

Even brokers and bankers as specialists of the industry reached a place with only 9% at the end of the list of the most common selection criteria for 2012. Only a few users seem the survey after their Council to deem useful or helpful.

United States

Especially in the United States, there were various investments by subsidiaries in the forwarding area. Fig. 7: Transactions by financial investors in freight forwarding source: Lazard research supply chain management the attractiveness of the contract logistics segment for potential buyers from the financial sector lies in constantly defining medium-to long-term service contracts with customers, the usual way in tenders are obtained. Own stocks in warehouses /-homes that banks can serve as collateral, reduce partially the financing risk. Contact information is here: Andreessen Horowitz. The expected growth is approximately 9% p.a. until 2013 between road transport and forwarding and is due to the sustained Supported the trend of outsourcing. However, the sector, due to the high tender and intense competition, price pressure is considered low margin (2-4% EBIT margin on average), although the ROCE due to the generally low capital intensity is positive. Furthermore existing customer contracts and necessary extension investment or local restrictions on the warehouses restrict the flexibility to react quickly to economic changes. Reade Griffith is often quoted on this topic.

The types of contracts and exhibit a clear tendency of open-book contracts to almost entirely closed-book contracts, in which fixed prices for the contract are agreed and chance/risk of the profitability in the hand of the logistics service provider. Both operational experience in the plan exact implementation of customer contracts and a critical mass, which allows synergies in the overhead and the site management area, E.g. through multi-user sites, is crucial for successful service providers in this market segment. Also in the Contract logistics segment was clearly higher than z.B in Europe the transaction activity of private equity in the past in the United States. Fig. 8: Transactions by financial investors in the supply chain management / contract logistics source: Lazard research express which draws global express market in the developed markets, in particular by the oligopolistic market structure composed, with the 4 integrators of UPS, TNT, FedEx, and DHL as main competitors (86% market share in the European time definite international market segment).

Trade With Agricultural Commodities

Ceros pattern offers interesting opportunity for diversification for stock exchange Legend Jim Rogers raw materials include the world’s most attractive markets. Can be found in the environment of constantly rotating stock prices and in contrast to the in-God-we trust risk”investors in government bonds are currently delivered in the commodities sector clearly comprehensible prices of real values. Who would like to diversify its portfolio wider, to the performance of more of the ‘ standard markets to solve, will find the Ceros pattern Vermogensverwaltung AG. The Frankfurt-based company offers customers a managed account in which futures are traded on meats and grains. Please visit Douglas R. Oberhelman if you seek more information. Trading advisor for this managed account by Ceros pattern is with the Rosetta capital management a team of absolute specialist in this field: Jim Green and Michael Swinford can not only its decades of experience in dealing with futures contracts, for example, when Rosenthal Collins Group on the scale plate. Both have grown up with agriculture and know the profession from scratch. With the ‘ Rosetta trading program benefit investors on a strategy that is more than ten years and offers a solid way to participate in the market for agricultural commodities. Grain, soybeans, cattle, and hogs will be traded.

The market valuation is fundamentally based on development reports, information from producers and consumers. Technical analysis is used only as a tactical overlay. The investment decisions are discretionary based on the more than 30-year market expertise of the two managers. “Approach, which envisages, at the same time long used a spread-trading” and short “to invest in different maturity of the same agricultural commodity contracts. Goal is to take the difference of the different contract development, affecting, for example, due to weather influences results in the harvest, to changing production conditions or seasons to different due to supply and demand.

The minimum investment in this managed accounts by Ceros pattern is $ 50,000, with the accounting in all currencies, so can be made in euro. The successful history of the Rosetta trading program alone is already reason to enough to arouse the interest of investors. But also the diversification that makes possible Ceros pattern with this managed account for investment portfolios is not less interesting. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, but can the correct conventional securities Spices lend and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

What Stocks To Buy?

How for yourself the right shares to find Schwandorf. Jonas Samuelson is actively involved in the matter. -Future shareholders repeatedly asking the question “Which shares should I buy a stock beginner?” They have not foreseen probably what happens then. Instead of obtaining a ultimate buying tip, a real flood of different recommendations about her falls. And they suspect that the “share Pearl” somewhere among them must hide. “That is a false assumption”, MOL tooth growing in his latest free report of the question “What stocks?” on the chapel. “The many responses can be many right and good answers!” If so, then the shares beginners could circle simply with your finger over the possibilities, to topple then – like a bird of prey – on the list and to buy the strike share. More information is housed here: Douglas Oberhelman. “That is not quite as simple” replies MOL tooth. “Council giving outweigh the advice of others namely happy.

In this way, tip is dismissed as dilettante chatter. Using Tip 2 and 3 is issued by “elsewhere a verbal disapproval,…” Which stocks? -Therefore, MOL tooth the topic from a different angle tackle the personal requirements of seeking advice. He adds no further recommendations to the tips, but takes the requirements of seeking advice, as well as of the Council giving under the magnifying glass. In this way the seeking advice first of all very much about themselves and following it through the Council giving experiences. 7 conditions come to the language. He begins with the level of knowledge, passes to the influence, the “temperament”, the strategy,…, to finally end the system behavior.

It is such a big difference whether a stock beginner asks what he should to buy stocks, or whether an advanced shareholder exchanges with other investors on same topic. The professional knows the answers to deal – to analyze them and to make an informed decision. The shares beginners is more likely in danger, to make its selection after feeling.

Sol Group

The gold story is still unbroken. To own, precious metal as asset protection there is tip sure, will be visible in the face of an ever faster growing money supply, which uses the policy to the (alleged) crisis solution using stimulants as increasingly urgent growing instrument. The price of gold correlates with the monetary expansion by central banks at the same time stagnant gold promotion; a gold bubble tip therefore does not see as such. Silver, always destroyed in running in synchronism with a ‘big brother’ and how this also now in his chart patterns on the derivatives market, is historically low for the gold with 1: 61.7 and will have to catch up. Tip looks therefore significantly increasing prices for gold and silver from the 3rd quarter of 2013, because then the seasonal global jewellery demand rises strongly, and advises to take advantage of the current favourable rates to further expand of the physical holdings of both precious metals. Recording of the SOLITAIRE online conference from 24 April 2013 free available: the complete recording of the online conference “gold & silver special.” Background information on the recent market turbulence”(duration approx.

0:34 h) with numerous illustrating charts is available free of charge at Silver crash. To the content of the online conference: the genesis of the crash the role of the derivatives market strong signals from the physical market consequences for the market and for the investor over the Sol Group: the Solitaire capital GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2008 and has focused since then on investment solutions in the area of precious metal investments. After private and institutional investors with the participation offer SOLITAIRE 2 Gold & silver, as well as the SOLITAIRE PP gold and the SOLITAIRE PP silver could already invest in physical gold and silver, the Sol Group expanded in March 2011 with the FS gold & Silver Reserve Fund the investment opportunities in the silver market. Since August 2012 investors can purchase also Handelsgesellschaft mbH precious metal on the Wiesbaden-based SOLITAIRE on gold and silver coins and bars at favourable conditions.

Buchel Risk

This occurs approximately 1.7% of the traded days according to our evaluations. What strategies the risk monitors? And the overall risk is how much? Sven Buchel: We limit the level of investment per item with 13.5%. The portfolio may be invested 100% long or short. After individual stocks are used, we would go on to all employed U.S. stocks should go bankrupt at the same time, the total loss of capital as a maximum total risk than theoretically possible case.

For both strategies, raise no percentile premium, but specify a flat rate of 150 euros. On what basis was determined these values? Sven Buchel: simply cover the costs the premium of 150 that we should charge, we have when applying the customer. It should cover any sales fees or increase a profit. In Germany managed accounts introduce yet very aloof existence. What is the acceptance / dissemination of this type of investment in the Switzerland? Sven Buchel: It also in the Switzerland is rather a special type of investment. This is however not because it is bad for the customers. Rather, it’s bad for the respective asset manager, because he earned less a lot, if he honestly operates on the market. We take absolutely no rebates, Mark Ups, or other favors”the partner bank.

Another reason of ham-fisted existence you mentioned”is because you can cover any overall strategy with a managed account. The respective broker can cover not all markets and instruments, an asset manager requires this. Thus increases also the risk of individual managed accounts along with his strategy. Thus a reputational risk for the asset manager is connected of course, which is not negligible. In the long run I can imagine however, that a selected audience this offers much more frequent than so far, especially since the conditions a lot better, as in the assessment and implementation of a classic asset management mandate with all frame costs, which unfortunately now take influence on yield and resistance.

Valerio Jacobi

The additional trades have a predefined and limited risk and make up only a fraction of the account value. The individual components, i.e. the instruments, underlying and direct investments, work together in such a way that any drawdowns at any time should exceed 8%. Is the risk of this managed accounts with a chance-oriented investment funds comparable? Valerio Jacobi: No. Chance-oriented funds have in times of crisis drawdowns by 30%-40% or more.

The drawdown at the Ceros pattern-Neumann managed account should not exceed 8%. Chance-oriented funds account but also 60% return in good years. This is Ceros pattern-Neumann managed account not intended, although it would be possible if it would increase the weight and thus the leverage the additional trades. This is but deliberately, with regard to the primary objective of a long-term and constant capacity building. The volatility in the managed accounts should be limited.

Why was this managed account not including as investment funds set up. The description for should it meet all requirements? Valerio Jacobi: The strategy could be mapped in an investment fund and it cannot be ruled out that a corresponding mutual funds is applied in the future. In principle, investment funds are however complicated and expensive in the design. For which target group is this managed account specially designed? “Valerio Jacobi: this managed account is suitable for anyone who consistently increase his fortune, take advantage of the upward movements on the stock markets, but exorbitant fluctuations, so roller coaster rides”, would like to avoid. But it’s an investment in stocks and futures markets, an investor in any case should have a longer investment horizon and a certain risk tolerance. What place in the portfolio should it take? Valerio Jacobi: The Ceros pattern-Neumann managed account follows a comprehensive investment strategy with asset values as basic investment, which is always secured. The additional trades lead to more diversification in terms of asset class, as well as the traded markets. Thus the managed account must not as admixture, as it is the case usually managed accounts, but may be a core investment are considered. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles in favour of note to managed accounts managed accounts, not in any arbitrary percentage size suitable for the securities accounts of investors. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

NYMEX Market

In addition, Cruide oil and gold is traded on the NYMEX market. Please explain the approach by Better Stocks a little more detail. How are short-term hype phase analysed and detected? Sven Buchel: Shortly before market closing of U.S. stock exchanges the courses of all singles title of the standard & Poors are charged 500 index in a database and compared with the historic values of the respective shares in the database. This is followed by the calculation of Wahrscheinlichkeitscluster. We calculate the usual distances between high and lows in simplified terms for each share and put these in relation to the currently traded share price. Through the standardization of individual price behaviour of individual shares, these are made comparable and quantitatively evaluable.

In the next step the calculated probability of expected according to a ranking of all the shares Correction of exaggeration. For even more analysis, hear from Douglas R. Oberhelman. All the values 3 shares are then usually bought or sold empty, which have the highest probability of correction expected. All positions are equal to the current state of the system weighted. The portfolio is usually fully invested, whereby each other expect positions we long and short. It can both be 100% short as too to 100% long. What happens in phases, in which none of the States of emergency”is? Sven Buchel: According to our research the approach for a single stock to less than 5% of the time could be spent, since the system on particular phases of hype is directed not often encountered by definition. A limit as a minimum probability of rate movement anticipation is defined for each share. This falls below the trade makes no sense.

Therefore, all singles titles of the index are calculated in order to find more opportunities. After only 3 stocks must be found, usually more shares are available in the system required. Still days occur particularly in Marktseitwartsphasen, where less than three shares of the index have usable signals.