Small Office Guide

Despite the fact that today's market square feet of office supply greatly exceeds demand, finding a small office is still quite difficult. Novice entrepreneurs, happy lots of ads delivery of office space for rent at attractive prices, and came to look, feel frustrated: small offices there, and if there is, at attractive prices do not apply. Why is this happening? All very simple. See more detailed opinions by reading what Electrolux offers on the topic.. In the current unfavorable conditions of cunning landlords prefer to take office space in blocks of 500, and then to 1,000 square feet. Small offices, if they occur, shall immediately those who are already renting room in the business center.

If you consider buying commercial real estate as an alternative to renting, from owning a small office is extremely unfavorable. Buy a Yerevan occupies the business center is almost impossible to buy an apartment is transferred to non-residential fund, which is quite expensive. You can, alternatively, to buy space in the basement, but, if necessary, rent it will be difficult: the changing legislation threatens to drive business out of the basements. How many bags of money to cook? The difference in rental rates between small office and a block area of several hundred square meters of ceteris paribus can up to 50%. Condition of the premises (trim, security, etc.) affects the cost is less. Rental office at the business center of class A can cost more than $ 1,500 per year per square meter, while the business center of class "C" or "C +" offer you a bet is $ 500 a year.

Property Fund Of Crimea

These sample documents should be taken as a basis for regional office SPF and the Property Fund of Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the preparation of lease contracts. TRANSFER OF FACILITIES AND RENTAL Depreciation Leased property state and municipal ownership, but real estate in the form of buildings, parts of buildings, as well as another separate individual certain property included in the balance of the tenant stating that the property is leased. Leased premises, parts of buildings, structures and other individually separate certain assets remain on the balance sheet or business entity that was created in the process of privatization (corporatization), with indicating that the property is leased, and is accounted for by off-balance account with the tenant stating that the property is leased. Since the leased integral property complexes of enterprises, their structural units and buildings are included in the balance of the tenant, then the depreciation on these facilities is required to charge and leave before the tenant (Article 23 of the lease). Depreciation deductions on the leased premises, parts of buildings and structures, and other selected individually defined property charges and reserves at its disposal company, on the balance of which that property landlord. Naturally, in the case of rental buildings, structures or the integral property complex question arises how to reconcile provisions of Article 23 of the lease with respect to such facilities and provisions of Article 8 of the profits. In accordance with clause 8.5 of Article 8 of the profit of the group’s carrying value of fixed assets does not diminish the value of assets transferred by the taxpayer in operating lease (rent) regardless of whether the transmitted building (structure), or part of it.

Sales Managers

Sale of houses from glued beams. View sales manager. How STREET sells houses from glued beams. Imagine a wooden house. But not so where the walls protruding oakum, scraps of old mattress and no one knows what else. Modern wooden house is a work of art fused with high tech. Submit to flat walls, large bright windows, hardwood floors high ceiling. See? Here's a house built on the company STREET soy venue where the sales managers work.

And every day people come with different financial capabilities, ambitions, education and attitude to life. All of them can be divided into different categories: 1. The Dreamers – people with a high flight of fancy, who are eager to build a house, but for them it also is not attainable as the dream. It is hard to not fall in love with the house of laminated veneer lumber, and even more difficult to reject such happiness. Since these clients can be long talk about the layout, lighting, furniture, curtains and various beautiful and useful things. (Similarly see: Jim Umpleby).

They are of little interest to the technical side of the issue they are in love with this house and wish him only. 2. Practice – the only question that their interested in 'How much does a house like this? " after that they either do or do not order it. Apparently it depends on the thickness of a bank account. 3. Know-all – those customers begin to describe what they already know everything, know how and if they wanted to make sure you have built yourself a house. They even tell you what there are disadvantages in laminated veneer lumber and that it is very expensive and we is broken price. Then tell how to make cheaper and more accurately. We learn from such )))). 4. Steep boys – After listening to this client know that we are too cheap to sell their homes. I want to just make people nice and build him a palace of laminated veneer lumber. If the irony that those customers really care about their status and in every way they want to emphasize. We are happy to fulfill any of the most ambitious projects. After all, housing made of wood, and even more so when used in laminated veneer lumber – luxury housing. 5. Economists – This type of people met with mixed other categories of customers. They always expect everything several times trying to gain the least expensive option. Due to economic circumstances on the other simply can not be. Of course money must be considered, but spend less does not mean winning. Value of the home does not depend on the area, and is calculated from the need of building materials. Therefore, the decision about the choice of a project must come from the family's needs and not on availability of funds. 6. Advanced – a clinical form vseznaek. The most fun class of customers. So they do not show all the bad. These will always find to find fault all the more so that the walls of laminated veneer lumber with knots. All above listed categories is normal behavior. Simply, we see them with his hand. We sell high-tech product to which the simple man in the street is not quite ready. House of laminated veneer lumber and glued laminated wood itself is not subject of consumer masses. This high-quality housing that is comparable to the price of apartments in the city of stone huts and not comparable with anything for quality of life.

Xia Bank Loan

Other insurance programs do not require. After how the bank is satisfied in your financial well-being and decided to lend the required amount, you should prepare a package of documents that are required to sign an agreement with the bank, namely: a completed application form for a loan to repair the apartment; passport; identification code; Proof of income for the last six months, or any other document (declaration of income for the last four Quarter, a certificate from tax inspectorate); certificate form number 3; legal documents for real estate, which provides mortgages in the Xia Bank. Choosing the unsecured loan, you should provide similar dokumengy, except for documents on the subject of the pledge. Kpome, it is necessary to remember that some banks, processing an application for a loan, insist! cost estimate and plan for repair of an apartment. Starbucks often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But natural. when repairs are employees of construction companies involved in the preparation of the documentation they.

However, if you decide to equip yourself the apartment, the arrangements for the preparation of cost estimates and plan for repairs fall solely on your shoulders. Often it turns out that in practice this is done is not easy as it sounds in theory, but, having coped with such a difficult task, according to experts of Ukrainian Banks, the required amount You can get your hands on, or provide details that are barely blows transfer credit money. "In the case of registration of unsecured credit for the purchase of building materials bank cashless transfers lending money to the seller, "- says Oksana Popova.

Rent Residential Real Estate: Apartment Or Room

How can we make a decision about renting residential property (rent a flat or a room in a communal apartment)? Each of us desire to close sooner or later get their own real estate – area, where there is peace and harmony, where all his and friends, where you own boss. Pastoral picture of life in your own room / apartment / house (underline) represent a majority of Russians, whose notorious housing yet to be solved. What are the options? Become homeowners hard, it's not a secret. It's one thing if there is a start of what is an empty property in the area of N, which can be safely sell and invest in purchase of new property and can be house in the village that was transformed into an inheritance from your grandmother, and perhaps wisely saved enough money to invest in real estate under construction or to be participant in the mortgage program. But such opportunities are not at all, the majority of the inhabitants of our vast Russia no choice, the market is dictating its terms. So, you want to live in a separate apartment, a independent adult with his own earnings, but still not able to pay the down payment or get a mortgage? The solution is – to remove a property for rent! Do not rush to give up, weigh the possible pros and cons and take an informed decision. Argument number one: "Why pay money each month to the landlord if I could once again put out each month on your mortgage loan at the bank and live with in their own apartment? ". Andreessen Horowitz does not necessarily agree.

The counterargument: the sum of the monthly payment on the mortgage without a substantial down payment rather strongly than the rent rate for objects with approximately equal performance and extend over many years. In addition, landlord – a man like you, and if necessary, most likely, will meet and show understanding. On the other hand, the banking system implies that the minimum number of concessions. Argument number two: "Rentals real estate (apartments or rooms) – it is certainly excellent, but very expensive, also own homes there is no substitute. " Counterargument: as we have said, the monthly payment amount of leased property is much lower than let's pay the mortgage. Moreover, in recent years many governments have talked about the need to promote the rental of residential real estate as an alternative program for the population real estate and, therefore, need to monitor the condition of rental rates. In the West, for example, about a third of Americans are happily living in rented accommodation and property Acquires just retired. Indeed, to find a country where all citizens – property owners, it is hardly possible. Even in the most developed countries, for many people to rent an apartment – standard. Rental of residential property, whether apartment or room – The best compromise for those who want to start an independent life in a separate apartment, for those who want to live today, for those who are looking to the future without forgetting the present.

Director General Company

Providing a registered office at favorable terms. It's no secret that in modern Russian legislation is practically no definition of "domicile." To date, This concept involves the location of the executive body of the company. It is the practice, registration of legal entity assumes an indication of the actual location of the firm. This is done for convenience tax and other inspection bodies. However, the dynamic market conditions dictate their own terms, so companies often change their actual addresses, but it requires management to make appropriate Ltd. changes in the constituent documents. This procedure assumes that the time-consuming and unnecessary headaches associated with the passage of all the bureaucratic authorities. But all this can easily be avoided if take advantage of legal addresses a confirmation. Andreessen Horowitz has compatible beliefs.

Our company has extensive experience working with owners of commercial real estate, so you will always have the opportunity to choose any legal address (g IMoskovskaya Moscow region). The relevant section of the site you can find a list of current offerings. Provision of legal address can receive verification of fiscal authorities and banking services security. When a contract for mail service you will receive correspondence that comes to the legal address. Upon expiration of the contract to change the legal address can always be extended. The process of buying a legal address is very simple. .. All you need to provide the following information: Name of company's legal form, name of the Director General; Contact details (postal address, phone number, e-mail) TIN and bank details. Our kompaniya'BIZNES and Right 'has extensive experience in providing legal addresses. During this time, we have established the necessary connections and guarantee the successful solution to your problem. The new legal address – this is the successful continuation of business and no hassle.

Office Rent

Virtually every ad to be allowed in the media potential landlords, brokers react very mobile rental process. The mediator feels fine, “the appropriate ad,” which will bring him another income and time to quickly grab for himself the coveted object, while you are agonizing over wondering numerous offers office rental, analyzing the information shared in the ad offers. And in this situation, a potential tenant can not be accused of sluggishness. After all, not without significance that the information on “Rent” nimble mediators have been long before the new newspaper will be in booth number and from distributors press. Yes, it’s “decency” receiver of the ads that brilliantly engaged in selling information about renting the wrong hands. What is not good, hidden taxes, a mini-business? In this case, the wage employees do not face the challenge to their “mold” is reliable and 100% accurate. Well, everyone needs money, and fair if the work is actually – well know …? A mediator? He is looking for, and he kind of rights. It is his earnings.

So the blind trust in the new, straight from the tin press release is not worth it, you just lose your time, nerves, and not reaching the desired result. Therefore, one way out. You need a rent office – go directly to owners of office. And your problem will be solved with a huge percentage of probability. Do not think this article is not calling you forever give up the desire to buy and see the new issue of newspapers that carry the information load ad your desired angle. Just want to wish you only hoped for his intuition, mobility and ability to make a decision without the services of brokers and would-be newspaper, which sometimes cost the price of paper laden small text .

Federal Law

Therefore, OAO Abris-SR ', has asked to build a small house in the town's settlement Golitsino. District administration, discussed the issue, issued a counter proposal to the JSC 'Abris-SI' – to become an investor-builder throughout the northern part of the residential complex of Golitsino, and the scope of this project include the construction of a residential home for the employees 'Abris-SI'. Thus the company 'Abris-SI' rose at the head of the formation of urban planning documents for the city Golitsino. Chapter Odintsovo District Alexander G. Gladyshev appointed January 15, 2004 OAO Abris-SI 'urban development project by the customer planning and development of 154 hectares in the northern city Golitsino. City Planning Code requires that you first need to fully develop and approve the draft plan a large area. After that, in order was developed in the project development group homes – in this case, the district 'Youth'.

At the moment of its own funds 'Abris-SI' was not enough to fully prepare a town planning documentation for complex reconstruction of the northern part of Golitsino, where the population and live more than 16 thousand people are working industry, there is considerable housing and utilities. Therefore, by the contract was a co-investor company Mospromstroymaterialy, which at the time headed Eugene Sklyarov, now head of the Department of Energy and Transport in Moscow. In the period 2004-2005 were developed planning documents and working drawings for residential housing 496-17-storey, 8-residential building entrances. At this point in the state was enacted Urban Land Code and the Federal Law 214-FZ, which regulate the procedure for issuing of land for construction and share in construction of apartment houses.

Exchange Commission

What is prop.treyding? How does propretri company and its traders? School of Internet trading Gennady Babak The article we begin a series of articles about the professional trading and trading as a profession. Every beginner trader sooner or later asks themselves simple questions: when will I be able to earn thousands of dollars a day as possible? Where can I find an investor, what conditions to offer and how to protect themselves against possible problems in With regard to commitments to the investor or investors. For a long time traders CIS attempt to address these issues, and most of them tried and still tries to do it on forex, in a deliberately opaque conditions and unequal Borba with unscrupulous dillingovymi centers. Many investors still alive the memory of the bloody drains of the first large funds: What is worth only 18 million – it's not a typo – 18 million dollars only Evidence of loss on the fund Borishpoltsa. There are other examples that are not yet at the hearing simply because the amount lost by investors, were somewhat lower order. Yet neither the investors nor the traders from this no easier. A Meanwhile, all this happened and is happening so far due to lack of knowledge as elementary rabotet industry professional trading in the same States, for example. So, why reinvent the wheel when long been built not only bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs with …

Let's look at how the stock market segment of the investment in the west. This simplified scheme, but it is rather describes the concept, intuitive and easy to understand. 1. There are so-called propretari company – scheme of work of such companies is based on investing in the stock trading in order to profit from both the speculation on the Stock Exchange and on the commission. 2. Each company propretari has a contract with a licensed broker or dillingovoy company that provides propkompanii everything necessary, including the withdrawal of warrants on the stock exchange, software, the same trading platform, clearing and so on. 3. Propkompaniya invested and involved in the management of their own means of experienced traders, concludes a contract with them and in turn provides opportunities for professional trading – that is, the trader is employee and shall enjoy all its benefits, achievements and opportunities – baypaver (amount in management), an advanced trading platform, stock information …

4. Why is it profitable company – a company makes a profit from both trading, and from the commission (brokerage + own markup). 5. Why is it profitable trader – the trader is working with baypaverov hundreds of thousands and often millions of dollars without investing a penny of own funds. 6. As propkompaniya protected from discharges – set a clear system of risk management. For each fixed teryderom risk manager who has full control bidding and can quickly close all orders of any trader company. Immediately sets the limits for maximum losses of the day and so on. 7. As you can see, everything is under control – the broker controlled by a special organization (the Commission for Securities and Exchange (The Securities and Exchange Commission), Corporation for Protection of Investors in Securities (SPIC), a trader monitors propkompaniya, propkompaniya interested and grows only in the case of the growth and success of its well traders. This is the approximate scheme of work in proptreydinge. Will continue to … We invite you to become a professional and enter the world of real exchange trading through our portal

Protect Yourself

I must say that the defining of the very important issues have not only economists, however, and ordinary citizens is an economic crisis in Russia. The only thing he again spilled formed a sense of the modern world, as something reasonable and that it is possible to calculate. Generally, all the economists huge number of republics decay expected. However, and folk wisdom chapter, Cassandra, the heroine of a forgotten legend and many prophesied, but paid for his vision of the forthcoming expensive price – no one believed her. The same was expecting and predicting the future of Russian analysts. Of course, in practice, to a certain period. These days, when the recession is swing, specifically to the economists ask for recipes cure for this disease.

Among of these professionals – is an economist Khazin, his site on the Internet gives a chance to see not only interested in intelligence the status quo, but with the intelligence of the likely course of events, but also recommendations, and they are very relevant for people who set off on a campaign for an unpredictable area of our business. Folk wisdom states, the ignorance of legislation does not exempt from penalties. These things include, of course, to the field of law. However, ignorance of economic laws is also not exempt from the consequences that inevitably follow the violation of these laws. Such a solution is self-evident: in order not to stumble, to be understood about the presence of the law of attraction. And the move is wise to not break the law.

Modern citizen need a pretty good stock information in the field of economics, even in situations when it is directly independent political activity is not engaged. Thus, even some time ago, almost no one had no idea that a devaluation of the ruble. Without thinking even about the denomination and other concepts. But nowadays, these definitions have been included not only into the everyday life of professionals in the field of economy, moreover, and ordinary citizens. It is known that the money all have to deal with, Volens-nolens. And this kind of destructive changes not be amiss if you really can not anticipate – here without a special financial analysts do not, then at least be able to minimize it.