Information can be as good this time of year as summer. For example in the country or on a fishing trip. You can learn such techniques and different methods of fishing, fish species, the species has rods, please visit this topic as a greenhouse such types of greenhouses. Trolling. The method consists in carrying out the wiring bait by towing it with a motor boat or boats. On a specially equipped boat can be found about a dozen trolling rods, each of which controls a single bait.

For burial or removal of baits from boats using additional equipment – Outrigger (outrigger) and daunriggery (downrigger). Holders rod (holder) are used to permanent installation rod. In the sea trolling rods are used the most powerful and strong multiplier reel of a special class. Line Capacity past – up to a kilometer in diameter 4mm monoleski. This is justified because for marine trolling are large pelagic predators (marlin, tuna, etc.) weighing up to 600 kg. The most commonly used lures – crankbaits and Octopus. For further deepening their use special devices – Sinker (sinker). In freshwater trolling requirements for rod and reel is not as severe. The most applicable multiplier reels spinning and general purpose test from 15 to 60 grams. Cnast should be designed for high impact load, as a bait is often the lure of high drag, and prey can be catfish or salmon.