Property Situation

The secondary politics applied by the Federal Government with the Agrarian Reformation in Brazil strong degrades a sector considered basic for the economic and social development of the Country. With results, objectives and goals not reached, are each time bigger the claims of the social movements of fight for the land. Target of you criticize and a systematic collection for the equipment that the government of the PT placed in the folder, the movements, all, bring in its speeches, each more intense time, the problematic one of in the distance enters the reality dispatches by post in the agricultural way peasant and the practical and direct action it government. For the agricultural organizations, the action of the not dumb government the existing model and still treats agriculture peasant as a small thing. Follow others, such as Billie Lourd, and add to your knowledge base. has vacillating position in three important instruments for a strategical and executive change for the Brazilian field: Indices of Productivity, Limit of the Property of the Land and the New Forest Code.

If of a side the agronegcio? what produces for the exportation? it has its subsidies and stimulatons, I say: support, structure and money, in agriculture peasant? what produces for the internal consumption – the situation is a same discouragement and the shy and palliative actions to the clamorous reality of the Brazilian agricultural way? applied for the Federal Government – the situation is of uncontrols, crisis and misery. Without one estruturante politics for the development of the Agrarian Reformation in Brazil, the Ministry of Desenvolvimento Agrrio (MDA)? responsible folder for the question? it lives interminable moments of crisis caused for the dispute of position, power and money, the indications politics for positions and commands push of quick form the agrarian question for the deep well. It does not need to go very far to prove this situation, is enough to see the indices of violence in the field. .

Regional Hospital

The improvements in relation to the health will be one of evidentes, Itaituba start to count on a Regional Hospital, that the same one is extremely precarious, do not make use enough stream beds for the demand that is very great in the same one. In relation to the Education the city is more than precarious, that not it counts on university federal, due to this constaint many of the pupils who are finishing or had finished Ensino Average have that to leave the city in search of improvements and professional qualification, that many times nor in proper Par has resources, many has that to go in search in other states, Manaus, Roraima and others. with the creation of the States, as much the Tapajs as of Carajs becomes obligator the implantation of federal universities that will go to not only benefit to Itaituba but also cities that are in the same social planning. STATE OF THE TAPAJS STEFHANIE MILLARD SOUSA OF 3 BRITO We are at the beginning of the quarrel on the creation of 2 new states in Brazil. The biggest justification of this division is in the distance of some cities of the capital of the state, being that these suffer for receiving little investment. In this in case that, to decentralize it would be a more efficient solution. 230 Real million are only gone there there per year.

It would be better to use this money for I invested in the state problems. has costs of installation of public devices public building of being able, services and secretariats, etc. The Tapajs is a proposal of new federative unit of Brazil, that would be resultant of the dismemberment of Par, that is, of the regions Low Amazon and southwestern paraense.

Reporters Without Borders

According to Reporters Without Borders, 45 countries they had restricted access of the citizens to the Internet, normally, forcing them to subscribe it contracts of Internet services, that can filter sites offensive regimes authoritarian recognizes the benefits of the Internet for the economic growth, but, at the same time they feel – threatened by the degree, without precedents, of liberty of speech. The Chinese authorities, block the access the sites that are considered subversive for the government. This was only partially efficient, however, and Chinese activists have found forms to slide information passing the controls. For example, the publishers of the VIP Reference, based on Washington an electronic magazine with articles and assays on the democratic and econmica evolution in China, email its electrnico bulletin directamente for addresses in the interior of China. The email is sent of a different address every day to receive email. Perhaps moreover, it is delivers to the addresses, compiled from public and commercial lists, in way that the addressees can deny to have subscript deliberately. From January of 1999, about 250.000 people they had received the publication pro-democracy, in the one in 10.000 yuan (little more than US $ 1,000) and confiscated its informticos equipment and of telephone. Lin was the first person condemned in China for subversive use of the Internet.

It alleged that he was only in a business and not erapoliticamente active. ‘ ‘ During the conflict of the Kosovo, in the Jugoslvia people they had had total access to the Internet, including occidental notice. In April of 1999, Washington Post told that, in accordance with British E.U and employees, the governments of controlled NATO all the four suppliers of access to the Internet in the Jugoslvia and kept them open for the effect of propagation of disinformation and propaganda. The Post also affirmed that Belgrade, with> a population of 1,5 million, had about 100.000 people without linkings to the Internet its proper linkings cannot have access the Internet coffees.