We can also find us with the blades to through different shades, ranging from a purely analytical reading to another reading in its entirety that is purely sensory, perceptive. Arcana allow us to externalize issues that sometimes we had could not emerge until that moment, but the best that proposes the mallet, in question, is that does not leave us with these data in solitude, but it also allows us to find a guide, a Word, a way that will serve as guardian on those issues that afflict us and/or concern through his reading. It allows us to reflect. It makes us feel more secure about the vision that we cannot have a situation in particular. Is this so wonderful that you have this harness, allows us to read our history, not only what we want to read, giving us the possibility to find us with our story, and gives us the opportunity to generate new sequences to go ahead. Finally, what we do to find us with a deck of tarot is find a sense, something that currently help us to unravel the schemes that seem immovable, we believe that We are bonded and without leakage. Well, we are always on time to change what hurts us, and a good start would be to start by appropriating the prayers that make up our history, our myth and take charge of our role as Heroes of the same. I invite you encounter with a tarot deck and check it by yourself. If you interested the article I propose to continue reading my blog reading unique myths: original author and source of the article