Detective Services

A detective agency can assure you can evidence in maintenance matters who suspected that his former partner an eheahnliches ratio – in the jargon called socio economic community – has entered into and has kept this in determining the maintenance claims, which would be well advised to hire a private detective agency. A one-time fling will not suffice for the reduction of the maintenance lines, on the other hand the permanent tolerance of eheahnlicher conditions can cause that a subsequent reduction is more difficult. There is no specified catalog criteria but, but usually there will be a judicial case. A seasoned lawyer specializing in family law should necessarily take the legal advice and implementation. Lawyers and investigators who reconcile themselves in maintenance matters have proven.

A checking can be applied also in other detailed questions about maintenance: the ex-partner is also obligated his To disclose sources of income. If this is for example a steady income from non-independent activity and has not stated this it is advisable with the help of a lawyer to obtain the maintenance payable be reduced or deleted. 1579 item 7 BGB describes, if also somewhat out of focus, known as “Forfeiture” of these reasons. A detective can provide the necessary proof. This can find out using a discrete observation whether the details of the former partner are consistent. Detectives determine so unobtrusively that it won’t notice the target person. You provide evidence in the form of photo – and video recordings from the background and create a complete observation report. The evidence is dish suitable for the commissioned detective in the case of a case will present his findings before court.

Usually a service contract concluded with the mandate for a detective agency, to identify maintenance issues which means that a success of the investigation is not owed. The settlement of the Detective Services takes place mostly on an hourly basis. It is good to know that you can reclaim the fee for the detective from the other spouse, if the suspect should corroborate that a misconduct, because a detective is usually the only way to obtain legal proof in such cases. Profile: Detective Agency silver is your competent partner when it comes to observations and investigations in the private and business sectors. Through our nationwide network of professional detectives, we can operate mostly within only a few hours for you. We discuss our toll free service number free of charge and without obligation, or make an appointment for a personal consultation with you.