St. Maria Of The Boa Vista

Saint Maria of the Boa Vista, as well as other communities of the Valley of the San Francisco, was a farm of cattle of the domain of Garci’a D Avila. In the process of domain succession the Brando family appears, with the property ' ' Volta&#039 farm; ' , aluso to the curve of the river San Francisco. It consists in archaeological research that in 1672 had some aboriginal villages in the region, being distinguished of the Corips in the island of Saint Maria and of the Cariris in the island of the Aracap. (Library of the IBGE). The parish was created by act of the Table of the Conscience and Commands of 30 of January of 1672, of Portugal, being installed in 14 of August of the following year, having as padroeira Saint Maria, under invocation of the Immaculate Conceio.

It belonged to the Diocese of Olinda, later the Fishing and Forest, and finally to the one of Petrolina. The first vicar, Foot had acted in the region. Ezequiel Gameira and the first priest, Frei Anastcio d Audierne beyond other missionaries who had arrived at the city, at the time: Franois Danfront, Boaventura, Frei Martin de Nantes and Frei Apolinrio. The administrative formation of the city followed a trajectory, first of Clientele, created with the denomination of Boa Vista, for the resolution of 30-01-1762. Later raised to the category of village with the denomination of Boa Vista, for the provincial law n 58, of 19-04-1838.

Installed in 01-10-1838. For the provincial laws ns 530, of 07-06-186 and 921, 18-05-1870, the village of Boa Vista was extinct. Later being again raised to the category of village, for the provincial laws ns 601, of 13-05-1864 and 1057, of 07-06-1872. Reinstalled in 30-05-1873. The municipal law n 4, of 16-01-1893, creates after that the district of Carabas, annexed to the city of Boa Vista.

The Device

What he leaves clearly that is not an unproductive land, but yes badly used to advantage for the plantation, however used to advantage well for the construction of a northeast negative image. In this same literature is not possible to leave to consider thinking, producing cultural or same leaderships politics that if pledge in constructing an image bid on the culture of the region the force that it has if she shows to the country, thus making to be born the true one Brazilian northeast, breaking myths and, personages who if make representatives, presenting it as an unprovided region of cangaceiros and villains economically. The image that if has is dominant a vision that corresponds to a on economy to the cattle one or same a sugar Northeast that was imprisoned the roots politics of passed centuries, in the which solid bases they had been fixed and dominant groups consequentemente obtain to manipulate the space, what it makes with that people without knowledge of the region believe that the only northeast problem is dries: most of the Brazilians thinks that it dries is the main northeast problem (…). however one is about I exaggerate, therefore Brazil as a whole (…) is underdeveloped and the majority of its inhabitants has a low standard of living. Also, the great problems northeast? how the land ownership, remuneration many times the low one of the minimum wage etc.? they occur much more in the zone of the bush, where problems do not exist of dry, of what in the hinterland Garci’a, (1986. 34p, apud Portela and Andrade, 1987:30) Ahead of the words of Portela and Andrade do not have much that if argues, therefore in nothing the Northeast of cangao, of the device or even though of it dries can be compared with the current Northeast, was an imprisoned region the oligarchy, already the current one is in search of an enrollment in the globalizado world, is not few the investments so that this is a solid reality..

Armenian Land

" Here are just ignores it, that This year is not taken with respect to modern chronology, and the true Christ, and in today's chronology, he gives us a lead time of five years, ie The year 2007. So it turns out according to the interpretation This quatrain that war or the desperate standoff between Victoria will begin with November 2007. As far as the young Victor or Victoria, or rather, that she was born and is not in Armenia, as one can think about it, relying the text of the quatrains, and the Ukraine. Armenian land, and Armenia, in this case is not the same thing. Douglas Oberhelman understood the implications. Armenian land – a figure of speech, and it is used as the designation of the oldest inhabited territory of the people, where after Flood hit the surviving residents of the state Angouleme with the territory of the Earth, where the Garden of Eden. For a long time, namely Armenia, in many scriptures figured most ancient land simply because people did not know the location of Eden, but clearly knew that Noah's ark landed near the Armenian mountains. And although as interpreted by representatives of the Church Bible Noah's Ark landed on Mount Ararat, situated on the territory of Armenia, Indeed, he arrived at the foot of the volcano called Nemrud (Nemrut) located near Lake Van in modern Turkey, from whose womb after the flood and got Adoniram. Only later, after his wife's betrayal of Ham and its relation to Adoniram, by which the will of their son, Nimrod, and which will subsequently be granted to Lucifer territory of the future of Persia, Nimrod would call a volcano at the foot of which Noah's ark in his honor.

The System

And also print posters, make coating after printing, print panel gauges and dials, electrical circuit boards, signs, adhesive labels, printed on ceramics, glass, textiles, leather, plastics and many other products and materialah. is one of the species screen printing. With this method of printing can be imprinted quality presentation products such as: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invitations, postcards, folders, posters, leaflets, beer mats, calendars, stickers of all sizes (including full-color), extensive text (signs, transporanty), flags, pennants, flags, t-shirts, hats, caps, overalls, sports, travel bags, terry clothes, rough and smooth fabric, fake fur, plastic bottles, jars, seal adhesive solution to fix finely chopped wool fiber, gifts, pens, varnishing after printing, ceramics (Glaze, gold overlay lessirovochnye dyes), metal, wood, plastic, leather, glass, ampoules, vials, bottles, car, glass, heating, antenna, front panels of appliances and equipment, scales measuring devices, printed circuit boards, dials, marking any products, self-adhesive labels, application of powdered sugar on pastries and cakes. For each material there is a special paint, which provides resistance to abrasion. The system of screen-printing has several features that escape a superficial analysis. Usually think of screen printing as a process with slight characteristic features simple, which is sufficient to use the screen-mesh fabric and paint pass through it. If there was only a matter of passing through the screen-mesh fabric paints, as through a filter stripe could be considered as well passing through a tea strainer, sand filtration or filtration of sewage. In fact, in silk-screen printing process is the specificity that makes it unique. Credit: Jonas Samuelson-2011.


It asks to be answered: why to widen the history of the Europe and to shorten of Africa? Why to attribute the long duration to a relatively recent past and to incase a millenarian past in a social time? Here we will try to weave some possibilities of answers. Immediately we could infer that the vital concern of Braudel was to understand the European space, the time that would culminate with the turbulences of the first half of century XX, in way that concentrates more time and intellectual effort here in detriment of its knowledge on Africa. Another point if to detach is the excellent paper in its research of the economy and the capitalist transactions. The first pointed argument can yes explain the privilege given to the Europe, but not of the account of the retraction of Africa. Perhaps this retraction can be understood from as the argument. Moreover, its model of culture was favored in the framing of this while that one was accumulated of stocks by the civilization o.

is evidenced that the long duration does not fit in the study of the cultures. It remains us, therefore to think the nature of the category time and to collate it with the temporality in which Braudel considered its categories. For this we will accept, together with some thinkers, who the way as if perceives the time also contributes for a conditioning of the perception of the society and of the historical process. Moreover, the perception human being of the time sufficiently is related with the development of its instruments of measurement and with the capacity of teorizar it efficiently. Of this made thought of Braudel if it develops in the European turbulence of the first one half of century XX, the desire of end of history had been taken to the extremity where the national States would be the responsible agents for the desired acceleration of the time that would culminate with the end of the historical process in the most raised period of training of welfare state, guaranteed for the nationality.

Aboriginal Rank

The history of the Rank of Attraction of the Peixinho, can be said, starts when the ink of the penxs of the etnlogo Curt Nimuendaj scribbled the first letter of this told absurd exploit in its Report on the Chavantes, in 1913. It imposes here to the researcher the examination of the official documentation under a prism little explored, which is, looking for to filter the vision of world of the dominant layers (Axe, 1987:22), opening space for a microssocial history in way that accumulates of stocks the daily one of social ways kept out of society them institutions to be able (Days, 1984:8). In other words, if it requires here a boarding that explores the potentiality of the available documentation, in order to allow an analysis — however constructed of inside of the document for it are, however constructed of the context where the facts had occurred for inside of the produced text –, seing indistinctly the relations. The idea to congregate the Ofai and other aboriginals of the south of the State in the region of the Peixinho, must be said immediately, after did not survive to the first year its installation. The available documents and notations on this Aboriginal Rank are rare, what it makes the research to appeal the beginning of the systematic diffidence, with the exercise of the had comparison of the certifications (Cardoso, 1982:53). When, Michel de Foucault would not say, to revalorizar to know minors while sources to delimit new places of diverse comment of the purely institucional one. The personage who of the visibility to this episode is one such Joaquin Ribeiro, who of certain form, tears the curtain of regional history for this intended construction and that he comes to the fire, has accurately one century after the facts to have occurred. Cuiabano, of numerous family, it literally enters in the hinterland and soon it sets to cover the sub-basin of the Medium brown river in search of an area to install its small farm, choosing of ready lands delinquents to the brook of the Peixinho.

Archaeological Accompaniment

Mts of length presents 0,65×0,52. UE 06? Layer of chestnut coloration, little compacts, of arenaceous matrix. It presents little estratigrfica power, oscillating between 9-20 cm UE 07? Granite block of small dimension, located in the cut North (section NE). UE 08? Composed unit for geologic substratum (gross sand). UE 09? Two granticos blocks, rectangulares, guided N-S (cut North, section NW), which if finds associated knock down it assigned for UE 10. UE 10? It knocks down. Ceramic material, of construction (maioritariamente tegulae) deposited on UE 08, accusing one knocks down. Sounding 2 Aquando of the desmatao works and pickling in the zone of Rotunda 1 of Knot 1, it was detected, in one of the cuts of the slope, in the scope of the Archaeological Accompaniment of supplies cited Taken over on a contract basis, an archaeological structure, which if found material chronology associates archaeological Roman.

Located in the perimeter of the archaeological area assigned by Fifth of the Hollows, and being able the related structure to be associated to other existing ones, and previously identified aquando of the accomplishment of the archaeological sounding of diagnosis, 10×10 mts (Sond. 1), had decided the responsible Archaeologists for the Accompaniment to suspend the execution of any share in the related front of work. Signaled and forbidden the zone of occurrence of the form vestiges to preserve its integrity, it was, after meeting with the had intervening Entities, praised the accomplishment of a new sounding of evaluation, 6×6 mts, for understanding and crono-cultural framing of the vestiges. The sounding was implanted in the land, guided the North, in Linking 2 of Rotunda 1, having been that almost the totality of intervencionada area corresponds the rummaged ground levels, result of respeitantes interventions to the reformularization of the preexisting way and plantation of olival and came. In the continuation of the hollowing, carried through with resource the half manuals, were possible to observe the following estratigrafia: UE 01?

Conceived Vodka

The term 'vodka' was used relatively recently, probably in the late XIX century and was coined in Moscow, where he was born so called central 'Tsar's tavern. " An important technical step involved in a the production of vodka – is distillation. We can therefore say that the genesis of vodka – mostly due to the fact that the invention of the distillation process. Some historians, based on old manuscripts, see creators of a distillation process of Arabs. Nevertheless, if so, the disclosure of the Arabs was neudel.

And 'tried' here the Koran – the holy scripture of Muslims, firmly prohibited the use of any alcoholic beverages. Some historians and historians say that the alcohol were first obtained in XI-XII centuries alchemists of Europe is supposed to be Italians. One way or another, vodka and alcohol – the establishment of non-Russian. Source: JPMorgan Chase. But apparently that cooking at home uchoviyah alcoholic beverages by pregona existed in Russia since ancient times and the product outlet called kvass or wine creations. The earliest official mention of the production of vodka in Russia is referred by the 12th century and made in the Vyatka Chronicle: '.

. . In 1147 in Khlynova (now Vyatka) built a distillery and rural hut '. As pointed out by historical documents, core results of distillation equipment at the elementary were not the most brilliant. Alcohol produces a disgusting qualities: dull colors, with the spirit of oils and unpleasant to taste. Equipment for the manufacture of vodka was defective, as in Russia 15-17 centuries. It was impossible to find or make a hermetically closing coils and boilers with heat sinks. Tyatyami quality-Russian vodka was, oddly enough, hermits. The scientific and technical work to improve the stills was conducted over a long time carried out, mainly in the large Russian monasteries. In addition, coils, coolers and copper fittings were worth the big finance, and only the monastery's treasury could afford to buy equipment and to feed people who are dedicated his life is entirely focused laboratory tests. Consequently, the first Russian alcohol spill was faulty. We had to do something to clean, as the main product is the requirement satisfied – it was a strong alcoholic beverage.