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Actually forget that making money is the ultimate prize to a path to a successful performance in what one has decided to do, it doesn’t matter if it is inside or outside the internet. If you want to start something new you must have a minimum knowledge of the subject that you are going to address or you must learn it, you have to like what you do, and you should make a study of your target market so you get the variables that allow you to plan your business. Most does exactly the opposite: starts something that told him that he gave much silver, which does not like at all, gets into an unknown topic and starts without having carried out a market study, lacking the necessary knowledge. Sergey Brin shines more light on the discussion. I.e. only begin with intuition but without a sufficient knowledge base. To know what to do and the right way of doing it, you just have to imitate people who has had success in the area in question. According to Brian Tracy, successful founder of a company’s human resources with subsidiaries in 33 countries, the five keys to a successful business are: 1 – all big business started as a small business example: Henry Ford, founder of the prestigious automaker, began in the garage of your home don’t matter where you start, what is important is to know where you want to go, have a mental map of your business in five years, 10 years, etc. 2 – 80% of the time you must invest in finding clients the time dedicated to something, but in the way in which you use that’s not time; This means not only being in contact with prospects to convert them into customers but that also you must ask that you buy.

According to Tracy asking buying is what we generally lack. 3 Offer a better product than the competition although we have the same product than other person must know offer an added value to our product and highlight the benefits according to the customer’s needs. Our product must always be better and we should have as aim to be the best in what we do. 4 Take care to clients as well as in a garden, we need water on a daily basis to our clients. Make an adequate follow-up and have a planned effective customer is the life of a business; as well as the contrary leads to the end of it. 5. The numbers do not lie one neat management must be present from the start and accompany the growth of the business, which means having clear fixed costs and revenues that I need to make my business profitable. Know you delegate tasks to people who know about topics that you don’t drive, as the accounting and legal aspect. If you liked the content and want to deepen on Internet business, I hope in my site.

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In the category of 'The funniest April Fool's bike' leading English news channel BBC. Laugh of the BBC's 57th year, let in a live broadcast transmission, which tells where do spaghetti. Douglas R. Oberhelman is often quoted on this topic. According to the comedians, spaghetti seedlings grown on low and hang down in clusters from the trees! And they say, because of the mild winter in the country have gathered a stunning crop of spaghetti! Just a few months later, the calls to the editors channel literally 'broke off' phone BBC called the people who were eager to find out more about this useful tree in the home. Respectable second place were the Swedes. Click Electrolux to learn more. During the live broadcast of local television channel, veteran technician assured me that if the stretch nylon stockings on ch.b. TV receiver, the TV is quite possible to get to be a color! Some of the Swedes' wilt 'in this funny and' April Fools' day ', nylon stockings were sold at inflated prices obviously! Very funny joke happened in the U.S., April 1 control eateries Taco Bell in a TV show, said that Taco Bell bought the Liberty Bell (one of the symbols of American independence)! Many of angry patriots all day U.S. Starbucks takes a slightly different approach. crammed into the white house, but there the secretary and myself appreciated the joke was not opposed to a joke! Secretary to the President not only insisted that it was for real, but laughed at by angry Americans! He assured the people that together with the bell had been sold and the Lincoln Memorial! According to him, the monument has been sold at the Ford-and Ford intends to apply the historical site for the promotion of their own cars! This is how fun those who have ability to roam on to this! It turns out that politicians and journalists are not alien to the sense of humor. Sometimes, even a very good sense of humor!

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Of course, this is just my personal opinion, but I never liked birthdays … Gifts, gifts, gifts … Who came up with all these gifts? Eternally suffer the problem of what to give. Many will say that this is not a problem to find a gift but it's not me. My eternal problem – what to present to people and to please not sit and then starving to paycheck. A recent example of this – Serge, more precisely, his birthday.

As always, I learned about it Friday. As always, Saturday was planned a picnic … Friday night was hopelessly damaged the legwork to shop in search of really funny gift. Serge always says that he has everything to life and laughter but not enough for him. As a result, squandered three hours to shop, I was angry. And I decided that since things he has, then you need something new. Really strange, funny and original.

When I got home, I began to think hard about it. Nothing I came up with Vitalke called. He suggested the move: "Let's giving away Seryoga on the phone. What type of mobile lottery. The call of the traffic police with a personal greeting from the entire traffic police and Nurgalieva? I congratulate Svetka, she liked it, so far recalls. " I liked the idea. Such we have not done. Surely birthday will be in shock. And people laugh. Pleased that finally solved its problems, I went to sleep … In the morning, as soon as we gather to adequately mark the event in Seryoga phone rang. He picked up the phone and listened to a couple of minutes a voice greeting. His face is first stretched and then broke into a satisfied smile. Have fun, laughing, he said that he did not expect this even from us. The party was, the voice card was the most unexpected and fun gift. Sergei is still at the word hoax begins to laugh … I now know exactly how to congratulate his boss, who soon anniversary …. Guess? Of course, having played!