Intelligence Emotional

In his best-seller Intelligence Emotional, Daniel Goleman indicates in this respect: Existe a crucial difference between remaining catched by a feeling and to realize of which one is dragged by him. To have brings back to consciousness of one same one means attention continued to the own internal states, that brings back to consciousness autorreflexiva in which the mind takes care to observe and to investigate the same experience, including the emotions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andreessen Horowitz by clicking through. Besides the critical moment by which our emotions are those that seem to decide our action unconsciously, often we faced another added difficulty: when we took a decision but we carried out never it to feel us incapable to happen to the action. In this case, the fear to the stranger or the uncertainty, and the obstinacy to experiences of the past, blocks the course of our action. The good news is that the decisions if emotions or overflowed feelings can free, that is to say not be dragged by, and in this sense the unique well-known way is to increase the knowledge of one same one, that is to say to increase the personal autoconciencia, and to break therefore tyrannical chains of our internal processes, since, in this way, the unconscious reasons that are deactivated they contribute to bring to our lives undesired events.

Finally, it concludes Goleman: Is certain that the very intense feelings can create damage in the reasoning, but also is it that its lack of brings back to consciousness can be absolutely disastrous, especially in those cases in which we must carefully heft decisions on which, to a great extent, our future depends. These are decisions that cannot be taken exclusively with the reason but also they require the contest of the visceral sensations and the accumulated emotional wisdom by the past experience. The formal logic by itself does not serve to decide with whom to marry to us, in whom to trust or what work to carry out, because in those dominions the reason is blind. The key that favors the personal decision making consists, to sum up, in remaining in contact with our sensations Permanecer in contact with our emotions, it can be this one the key and quid of our well-being, and the essence of a good process in the strategic decision making. Original author and source of the article

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