Mediumsized Enterprises

Some find too complicated the social networks. Others deem unnecessary social networks. But the social media offer companies unprecedented opportunities. There are still embarrassing party pictures and meaning-free status messages, but Facebook has grown up. Increasingly dominate the exchange of useful information, the direct communication with the customer and maintaining business contacts. Also at XING, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google + daily new business contacts, rewarding contracts awarded and presented to promising companies, and recommended. These opportunities no company should miss. Correctly used the social media offer national and international platforms for advertising.

This is not free of charge, provides directly measurable success for a relatively low use of resources. An entry in XING and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google + is currently recommended. You can set now company pages on Facebook and XING. Google + the business pages in the near future should start. Who wants to go into the social networks, has two options: either do yourself or hire an agency. One takes time.

The one or the other rookie mistakes will happen itself. On the other hand, it has the advantage that the entrepreneur more identified with “his” social media, if he takes responsibility for the social media. Authenticity is an important factor in social networks. Therefore not underestimate the positive effect that it has on fans and followers, if the boss or the boss himself posting, splits, and twitters. The second option costs money. It is the entrepreneurs on the safe side. An experienced Agency discusses the username, the accounts and establishes advertising appealing. Each portal has its peculiarities. It begins with the profile picture. Certain formats are required, mass may be not exceeded and not below. The texts, which are available in a profile are important. And the places where the texts available. So, XING has a internal search engine. Who wants to be found at XING, must present the search engine the keywords in the right places in the profile.

Sell In The Community Age

New trend dossier from the future Institute’s social commerce on the reason are again circulating a powerful buzzword: SOCIAL COMMERCE. Recently JPMorgan Chase sought to clarify these questions. And how are already in the course of the Web 2.0 hype of optimism and Declaration need close together. Therefore, the future Institute has asked well-known experts, the magic to the new trend of social commerce”to air. Come out is a 69-seitiges trend dossier with the authors Jochen Krisch (exciting Commerce) and Andreas durgesh Haathi (Zukunftsinstitut, author of marketing 2.0 “). “Classic E-Commerce”, so the central statement of the authors, too short, to open up new online audiences, but especially embraces shopping experienced online users permanently to inspire. ” With numerous illustrations, links and forecasts stocked trend dossier portrays the new online sales concepts and shows what conclusions arising from this: for online merchants, marketeers and last but not least for online shoppers on own behalf.

From E-Commerce to dialogue trade media use is today self-determined, sovereign time, interactive, collaborative and creative no less are the consumer and online shopping. Amazon and eBay have long shown that the active involvement of the user via reader review or as a confident market participant is a road to success. Web companies like Zlio, Kaboodle, DWanda, Zazzle, Polyvore, Smatch or Woot! All protagonists of social commerce go a step further this way. You make the traditional forms of distribution and addressing customer part on the head. “The media expert and co-author of Andreas durgesh Haathi reaffirms: social commerce substantially contributes to commodity aesthetics, shopping experience, fun, key factors of consumption make thrill and social interaction and innovate the E-commerce.” “Whether the new user-driven trade shows live shopping offers, Affiliate stores or shops for creative always clear that a colorful digital world Bazaar can discourage consumers away, to run in the Department Store”, as durgesh Haathi.

The online shopper of tomorrow will consider twice, to control a random online shop in the Aufmache of a shabby product catalogue.” Social Commerce sell in the community age (PDF in screen format) authors: Jochen Krisch, Andreas durgesh Haathi Jan. 2008, 69 pages, 18 illustrations, 75 incl. VAT “Read more: socialcommerce Afterwork seminar in the future Academy of the 26.2.2008 on February 26 will be accompanying the after-work seminar social commerce” under the leadership of Andreas durgesh Haathi instead. Place of the event: the future Academy in Kelkheim in Frankfurt.

Picture Market

Crises of the photographers until the media crisis. The image market in flux and in economically difficult times. Crises of the photographers until the media crisis. The year of 2009. By: Michael Wnuk release date: 16.11.2009 love image authors, love copyright er Weber and participants of the business! The year 2009 brought not only internal but also external changes for the photo market. The end of the gold rush in this year was the end of photo gold rush from different institutions and stakeholders \”.

Much had happened the year before. Simply programmed agencies shot from 2003 2004 out of the ground and hobby photographers were immediately inundated with photos of countless professional. \”More and more forums under the title: make money with photos\” emerged and has been compared to the revenues from the various agencies. This trend started clearly for everyone in 2008, to take off. As of 2008 had the image market not only from inside out with facts like oversaturated markets or acceptance of the factor Fascination\”to fight. The economic crisis became more and more of the media crisis. This crisis hit with full force the publishers, advertising and image sector from mid-2009.

The press was release waves of editors to read the collapse of the advertising market and the bankruptcy of world renowned photo agencies such as E.g. gamma. \”In 2009, the death of the image market has been more frequently in media and forums\” or even the death of stock photography \”proclaimed. Although some designations may be too drastic, it has meanwhile fixed certainty, that the gold rush on the image market is over. The image market is dead, long live the picture market! Not only stock photo agencies like mushrooms from the ground have mushroomed in recent years, but also forums and chat sites. \”\” On many of these pages, dealing with the image market or the photography you read reports like the image market is death \”or stock photography is at the end\”.