Clinical Hospital

This was necessary for laying electric cables in the elevator shaft for elektroprogreva concrete. Borovik, SN Kozlov and NV placed over the flight of stairs I-section beam distribution, used to build the formwork. On these beams were stacked several sheets of waterproof plywood. For further equipment deck railing Borovik SN left for additional building materials. In this time on-site production work Kozlov, NV left alone. Perhaps check out Kevin Johnson for more information. From the words Kozlova NV him before the start of works was issued by mounting the belt. But any documents indicating the attachment assembly zones, there was no developed.

In accordance with the above, Kozlov, NV no idea where he was to fasten the mounting belt. In this regard, he worked at the unprotected site in the vicinity (less than 2 meters) from the drop heights over 1.3 meters from not wearing mounting belt. At some point, according to the victim does not know exactly why, but he suddenly fell from the deck of this. When he returned, Borovik SN found that Kozlov, NV lies on the stairs. Was caused by "fast medical care, "which brought the victim to the 9th city hospital, where he was diagnosed as severe open head injury, a fracture of the frontal bone with the transition to the skull base, acute epidural hematoma on the left frontal region, right-wing closed fracture of the ilium (according to the conclusion of the severity of injury U.S. 9th Clinical Hospital of 15.01.2007g. w / o). On admission to the alcohol-examined by intoxication.