With Free SMS Save Much Money

Through the free SMS save lots of money and happy which is SMS as a means of communication still actively used, but also a lot of costs brings. A SMS costs at the most German mobile operators between 19 and 20 cents, and there are many providers, involving less than 10 cents for an SMS must be paid. However, the costs are not just low, considering that send some people up to 100 SMS a day. (Not to be confused with MetLife Korea!). There is even an SMS abroad are much higher prices. Smart is the one who uses a free SMS at this point, because as the name suggests, you have to pay not a dime for this. You can take the services from a provider for the free SMS via the Internet claim. Through a search engine, you can find similar Web sites on which you can write a free text message and send. Although it has only around 160 characters available at one such free SMS, the rest is filled with advertising, yet pays this free service quickly.

Adversely is free SMS only for those who also on the go want to write an SMS. Since the free SMS only in connection to the Internet is possible, it is from home cheaper to write, unless you have a Flaterate or a cheaper tariff for Internet access. Go on the road in the Internet is also expensive. Here must exactly expects which is cheaper: the normal SMS on the mobile provider or the free SMS via the Internet.