Olivia Palermo

This neoyorkina has become referring a fashionable one to world-wide level. As much in its appearances in events and celebrations like in the estilismo of the day to day, Olivia gives a great lesson us on like dressing suitably at every moment. Although Olivia dares with many styles, defines it by a mixture between the elegance, with a chic touch and coverall very preppy. Olivia was born and grew in the famous district of the United States Upper East Side, is daughter of a famous real estate promoter, Douglas Palermo. More info: Keith McLoughlin . Its debut began when well-known photographer, Patrick McMullan, began to photograph it in the different events from which she attended. Of this Olivia form it often appeared in International magazines, as they are Rows, Elle, InStyle, until it was carried of one, in which named It-Girl of New York. Form leaves from the agency of models Wilhelmina Models.

Olivia works at the moment in the department of public relations of the fashionable mark Diane von Frstenberg and also in the one of the Elle magazine. In addition, The show comprises of the distribution of reality City in MTV. Steffan Lehnhoff can aid you in your search for knowledge. Baby Doll.El Look: Romantic dress with artisan finishing nail, in nuclear target, with flavor vintage and cuts Mnimo.Nos likes: The way with which rejuvenece this piece of clothes, superposing a fit vest with a belt. Boyfriend Jeans Broken: The Look: Olivia dares to falsify until most accidental, in this case cattle tenders type boyfriends, widely, with tears and return in the low one, combined with a sober black jersey and booties of the same color. We Like: How jeans dresses these, contrarestados with the hairdo and articles of black color, that give to elegance and sophistication him.

Military man: The Look: Broken t-shirts, black leather trousers, frock coats with galgones. We have already been able to observe several times this style in Palermo.Nos Gusta: Mix that to obtained combining a dress coat of many bellboys with cattle tenders pitillo, top gathered and booties with maxitacn. Accidental Chic: Look: In this look it dresses in a mini silky white dress, glasses retro and brown purse. We Like: How it not too much obtains look accidental but thanks to the complements that add to him.