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We have located which they say is the world’s largest cemetery and we now think that the smallest found in Ourense, Spain. Four kilometres of A Terracha, in the orensano Entrimo concello, the view of the Portuguese border, and a few meters from the road, in the middle of pine trees, it is a very particular cemetery. It is an evangelical cemetery, and probably one of the smallest in the world. Its coordinates are 41.919088, – 8.137473 and via Google Earth as you can see, it will measure about 35 or 40 square meters, is surrounded by thick walls of about two metres high, topped with broken glass bottles, iron gate is always closed. Inside, five tombs, the central, the oldest, dates back to 1940. It is a peaceful place, constantly lulled by the sound of the wind in the branches of pine trees. Cemeteries usually inspire peace, but it is the first time I experience this sensation on the outside of a cemetery. Until now, is the first cemetery in Galicia I know where their doors (in this case, the door) are permanently closed. Their motives will have, I suppose that the condition of Evangelical in deeply Christian territory will lead to isolation. Raphael sternberg understands that this is vital information. Even after death? Photo courtesy of A.N.Other original author and source of the article

A Dangerous Disease

It is a disease of the most dangerous in our time and appears everywhere: virtually became an epidemic under whose dire consequences fall hopelessly society most important values and principles. We refer to situational ethics. What is ethics? Each text and author have a different definition but all revolve around the commitment to assume attitudes and responsible behaviour with all members of the community. However, there is also a perverse conception according to which ethics is all correct action when provide me benefits or, at least, do not limit my interests in my teaching I have peguntado several people what you will do when they find an object or borrowed money. Johnson & Johnson contains valuable tech resources. One told me that they would endeavour to return it to its true owners but others, with an appalling sincerity, respond that they would not do so because what one finds is one.

But these are not the only answers. More info: rephael sternberg. A good number, perhaps the most the respondents answer simply depends. When I ask them what depends on they allude to two facts. Depends on the quantity (if it is a lot of money does not return it) and the person (if it is rich not needed) in summary, the situational ethics induces to act in accordance with the circumstances and not permanent and invariable principles. Those who are protected in the shade of this way of seeing the world is justified with one or more of the following arguments: 1. everything that others try to ask me, I have right to send it to them; 2. The end justifies the means; 3.

If everyone does it, I can do it; 4 Do what you should do but don’t let that you nobody will notice; 5 If we all agree, everything we do will be fine; 6. If I do not, another; do Starting 7.papaya, heading papaya. In contrast with such way of seeing the world’d rather stay with the definition devised by one of my students: Ethics is the way that I Act when nobody, absolutely nobody, is looking at me. BY: ALEJANDRO TERESA MART?NEZ original author and source of the article

Best Way

Today, the importance of the Internet to commercial level is enormous. Companies cannot afford to stay away from this virtual environment, because the customer is most critical and multifunctional that in past eras. As any strategy external communication and public relations that a company should follow, a Web page must have a constant promotion, especially during the initial period. This will succeed in increasing sales by ensuring a daily percentage of visitors to your business page. One of the first ways to achieve this purpose is to place at the top of results that shed the pages dedicated to providing web search services, call Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Though it sounds easy, this activity requires a degree of dedication, as he is needed to form a list of keywords or keywords that represent the essence of our company, product or service; but above all that are in the ranking of the most sought after in the web words. While more keywords with high ranking of search are used in the construction of the domain, whether in his name or content, the greater the number of visitors we receive on our site, increasing the likelihood of prospects or sales. Use a page specializing in the positioning of keywords or keywords is not only a Council, but a necessity that every company that is recognized as modern should contemplate.

Nautical Footwear King

It is true that, when arrive on hot days, you want to remove the boots, wool socks, shoes with laces and welcoming to the days of Sun, beach and terraces with all the freedom in the world at our feet. And while for footwear women star are sandals in all its varieties, the men nor remain short in terms of design and fashion in shoes, and bet all the years for which the Kings of the hot months are considered strong: the nautical and moccasins. The attractive induscutible of nautical shoes does not take fashion, year after year. The design of these modern Classics has just changed with the seasons; Although the lines have lightened and simplified to accommodate the new trends, the nautical preserve that essence that reminds us to yachts and the Riviera, and that make them a safe bet for any time of the day or night. The current Clarks models incorporate an Active Air system, which consists of an air Chamber located in the outsole cushioning the step, thus increasing comfort. Style shoes for twenty-four hours a day. Moccasins are another popular option among male footwear for the summer months.

Year after year, the designs are renewed in these shoes classic and timeless. The current lines show a very modern elegance, with blunt and rounded toe and a sexy sports style. In colors, they send the chocolate brown and camel tone, perfect to combine with fashion that will be more this summer: worn jeans, Navy blue stripes and white and red accents.