Practical Pedagogical Interdisciplinares

In such a way, she is preserved the individual freedom front to the power of the State, through the exercise of the representative democracy. Others who may share this opinion include John Utendahl. Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778), in turn, establishes its social contract from the conception of that he competes to the State guaranteeing the equality and the freedom, of which the men were detainers in nature state, but, that the social organization would have corrupted, resulting in instants inaqualities and injustices. Therefore, the State is one badly necessary one, but that it must have its controlled power for the civil society, and so that this occurs if it becomes necessary that the people participates directly in the legislative acts, and executives of the State. It was Montesquieu, through its Theory of the Separation Being able of them (or of the Tripartio Being able of them of the State), that in its workmanship: The Spirit of the Laws (1748), aimed at to moderate the Power of the State, dividing it in functions and giving to abilities the different agencies of the State. The ideas of Montesquieu, had left mainly of teses launched for John Locke.

It is important to relembrar that the idea of the three existence to be able, already was presented in Aristotle in its workmanship: ‘ ‘ The Poltica’ ‘ Therefore, in modernity with the affirmation State-nation, the democracy if presents in its representative form, but oscillating between a liberal matrix whose representation restricts it the representatives of the civil society justified by the universal suffrage, and a rousseniana matrix, whose representation consists stops beyond the elect representatives, in the popular participation front the instances of the State, through communitarian advice, popular consultations, public conferences, amongst other forms. What she is necessary to point out here is the fact of that as much the democracy of liberal matrix, supported in the individual and economic freedom, as the democracy of rousseniana matrix supports in the search of the equality through the popular participation, leaves of one estimated fallacious one: of that the society is constituted of free individuals, citizens autonomous worker and with conscience of the necessity of the participation in the spaces politicians assured for the State. But, he is not this that occurs, in the measure where they forget that this modern citizen is the result of processes of assujeitamento in the scope of the institutions and the social processes in which it inserts itself throughout modernity. Or said in another way, the modern democracies and contemporaries are justified and legitimized in the scope of the production of speeches institutionalized directed to the society of masses, in which if it inserts the modern citizen, now transformed into producing and consuming individual of products, goods and services, and that also it consumes speeches around the rights of peoples and nations, in the tolerance to the different cultures and religious creeds, in the rights and duties of the citizens, in the right the freedom and the equality of conditions between individuals. i Sandro Bazzanella Luiz? Professor of Philosophy of the Course of Social Sciences of the UnC and doutorando of the Interdisciplinar Program in Sciences Human beings of Federal university of Santa Catarina.

Becoming More Human

All the arts start to express new particles that appear to this vision, the paintings the poems and musics of the time, for example, become more human beings, start to portray more the human being in its formation. This new conception, not he means that the religion was finishing, but, now the artists only started to also inlay in its workmanships the human side derived from this social regimen. The workmanships of this time go to reflect in its formation this moment of transistion of a mentality for another one, that is, the ticket of a Teocntrica vision for an Anthropocentric vision of the world. Therefore the Humanismo is considered as a period of transistion. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kushner Companies. It chats it, the produced poetry and mainly the theater in this period reflects this transistion where Dante was inserted.

II What it is monarchy. The word monarch comes of the Greek ' ' ' ' means a sovereign only absolute, the use of the word monarch is generally used to mention itself to a traditional hereditary system of government. The Monarchs possess diverse headings, including of king or the queen, prince or princess (Prince of Mnaco), emperor and empress (Emperor of Japan), or same duke or grain-duke (Grain-Duke of Luxemburg). Many monarchs also are distinguished by treatments, as its Majesty, Real Alteza or for the Favour of God. The monarchy is associated with a government partner-cultural politician or, where the monarchs govern for all the life and pass the responsibilities and the power for its children or family when they falecem. Many monarchs, in such a way historically how much in the present time, they had been born and they grown belonging to a real family, a real house or the cut. The monarchs who had grown in a real family (when existing have some generations, dynasty call) had been almost always educated to assume its future generations.

For Favaretto

If to understand the education under the optics of Gramsci (1978), we will evidence that it believes that the men, as historical beings, have the capacity to modify its conditions, is they: materials, spirituals, social, economic, politics among others, but this is only become fullfilled through the dialogue, human phenomenon, that if carries through by means of speaks, and in many cases, by means of codes. According to Freire (Idem), to promote the prxis the word cannot deny the reflection, seno, it becomes alienator, and nor it must also sacrifice the action. Official site: Stuart Solomon. For it, the true word is that one that produces the reflection-action, transforming the world, therefore to exist human is to pronounce the world, is to modify it. The world of the men is not of silence, therefore, the men if they make in the word, the work, the action, the reflection. 2.4 DIDACTIC FORMATION PEDAGGIA: PHILOSOPHY and INTERDISCIPLINARIDADE During a pedagogical planning we had the chance to hear one important consideration of a professor on the work carried through in team. It looked for to distinguish the work in group from the work in team. The work group can be only crowding of professionals treating to some subject concernente to the education, however with dispersed thoughts, without more serious envolvimentos with an education of quality.

But when one works in team, it has bilateral commitment, sense of solidarity and respect in relation to disciplines and the point of view of the other professors in the decisions taken in relation to the pedagogical project. To act of form to seem that only it disciplines it Philosophy in the school, and its professional, has the mission in forming critical people, and excessively you discipline are dismissed of this mission, does not pass of mere pretension, a position that must be considered, at least, maken a mistake. For Favaretto (2008), had to the character that the philosophy had in the Ocidente, already accented as transit between the unit and the multiplicity, the dispersion and totalling the expectations in relation to its return in average education is very great.

Juliana Bortolini

Patrician Juliana Bortolini 1. The ART the art is a creation human being with aesthetic values (beauty, balance, harmony, revolt) that they synthecize its emotions, its history, its feelings and its culture. It is a set of used procedures to carry through workmanships, and in which we apply our knowledge. It is presented under varied forms as: the plastic, music, the sculpture, the cinema, the theater, the dance, the architecture. It can be seen or be perceived by the man in three ways: visualized, heard or mixing (audiovisuais). Art, word coming of Latin ars comes of the verb to articulate, that is, to all make junturas between the one parts. Richard Elman insists that this is the case.

Some concepts exist on what it is art, however none of them are considered its main definition, however, all help in them to understand better what it is and as if manifest. The art if makes gift since the first manifestations human beings whom if knowledge has. Since the principle, the man produced images becoming them references, languages and forms to communicate to identify itself. The man in its paintings in caves tried to represent its daily one, its experiences and experiences, revealing, through the art, of the painting, its knowledge, beliefs its way to be and to act. In done ceramics works, of wood also he was present to the art. The art also is understood as the activity on human being the aesthetic manifestations, that is, made by artists from perceptions, emotions and ideas, having as objective to stimulate these instances of conscience in spectators, being thus given one different meaning only for each work of art, each work of art, has one meaning by itself only, it is only.

The World

The purpose of the data is to make an analogy of the diverse speeches, however presented for the authors mentioned during the production of this work, as well as these untiring educators who search through its fights an education of quality. Of this form, it was questioned, Which would be the direction of the pertaining to school education today? In the current days the education is seen as a common good, a necessity, and as we can say, ' ' soluo' ' for all the problems. ' ' You can see in the campaigns politics, enter the parents and professors, all they you have speech the same, in saying, that the education goes to save the world, that it goes to improve the Brasil.' ' One gives credit that having more schools, professors education of better quality, will not have violence, will have little problems with security. If it thinks education alone about the instrumental, material direction, to have more schools, more professors. This account also, but is not everything.

Education is not supplied school as if the family thinks. It is in the scope of the exercise of the citizenship of the people. (Teacher 1) the education lives a moment of many new features in the world of the contemporaneidade and the school as well as the professor had not yet been attempted against for this. One expects very of the government and if it wants everything soon. Many inside reproduce this of the classroom, even so not generalizing. The educators, today need to search information, to be on the inside of the technologies. the schools already count on computers, access to the Internet and other resources that are available to the professor. What it needs is to use to advantage all the moments so that they can really develop an education contemporary and not a traditional education, without quality as if it sees in many of our schools.

Theory Of Knowledge

The present work portraies the object of study of the theory of the knowledge, being the knowledge a dynamic process, establishing relation between the citizen and to be studied object, that is, the citizen is the human being and the object can be any new thing that the light a knowledge, even though influenced for surrounding factors and possible necessities. The approach is to demonstrate that the knowledge cannot be something crystallized only the one concept, but that each individual can be open to innovate its lines of thought, producing new paradigms, not accepting attitudes dogmticas, reflecting and questioning. Word-key: Theory of the knowledge, Dogmtica and Paradigma. Caterpillar Inc. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. ABSTRACT: This to paper portrays the object of study of theory of knowledge, knowledge being dynamic process, establishing relationship between subject and object you be studied, IE, the subject is the human being and object can be anything that leads you new knowledge, even influenced by environmental factors and possible needs. The focus is you demonstrate that knowledge can not be crystallized something just concept, but that each individual may be open you adapt to their lines of thought, producing new paradigms, not accepting dogmatic attitudes, reflecting and questioning.

The present work portraies the theory of the knowledge, its object of study is the proper knowledge, being the knowledge a process, establishing relation between the citizen and to be studied object, that is, the citizen is the human being and the object can be any new thing that the light a knowledge, even though influenced for surrounding factors and possible necessities. Blake Krikorian addresses the importance of the matter here. The knowledge is dynamic, is in constant modification and evolution, can also provide with the information that we receive, through our perceptions and directions, where if it finishes for facing them as reality.

Speech On Sciences

It is in the society, of the society, for the society that appears scientific knowing that in the Philosophy of Rousseau, it only can be understood in the distinction between being and seeming. Better to understand this distinction let us see what Rousseau understands for society or ‘ ‘ universe social’ ‘ , in accordance with the explanation of Strong Salt mines in its workmanship the Paradox of the Spectacle. This author in says that the social universe to them ‘ ‘ He is conceived as a terrifying world of the appearances, as proper place of the permanent and perverse dissimulation, as reigned of the lie, the mask and of occult maquinaes, whose capacity will finish for leading until the delirium. (SALINE, 1997, P. 25). The social world is the world of the spectacle, is the world of the representation, is a great theater, already the natural world would be the absolute one, the represented one.

This is the being, that one is to seem. The world of the appearances (of the representations) was established by ‘ ‘ luzes’ ‘ of the reflection that, it says in them of Rousseau in the Assay on the Origin of the Languages, ‘ ‘ it is born of the comparative ideas; plurality of these ideas is that it leads to comparison’ ‘ (1987, P. 175). This means that to know, in this direction, nothing more it is of what establishing relations or comparisons (Cf. SALT MINES, 1997, P. 68). For Rousseau the most necessary knowledge most difficult and at the same time to the man is the knowledge of itself exactly, of its nature that must transpose the appearances of the society, of the vanity. In the Speech On Sciences and the Rousseau Arts it says: ‘ ‘ quickly, sciences they had followed the arts, to the art to write joined it art to think? gradation perhaps that can seem stranger and is not too much natural seno and if it started then to feel the main advantage of the commerce of the muses, who is to become the men most sociable, inspiring the desire to them to delight one to the others for ways them workmanship of its approval.

Look Social

When surpassing some social barriers, the blacks ' ' bem-sucedidos' ' they assimilate the look of the white with regard to itself proper. As they had left of being ' ' negros' ' by the ideological process of the branqueamento, they had been coed-opt by the other side. Those that had not obtained to surpass the social barriers, and for having suffered as much preconception, they can develop persecutory feelings, seeing same racism in situations where the problem is on the individual abilities and abilities. You may find that SBG Architects can contribute to your knowledge. At the same time, this citizen discloses the fragility of the argument and opposes affirming that it inside has the preconception of the organizations and that the blacks are few working in the companies even so its number are expressive in the population: ' ' But on the other hand, people see that the organizations say that it does not have preconception, but still have muito' '. The narrator perceives, although the attempts to deny the discrimination, that the black is invisible in the organizations, mainly in the offices of great companies, in the banks, in the positions of it commands or management.

The invisibilidade of the black population in the organizations does not have to take to the precipitated conclusion of that it has racism institutionalized in the organizations, which nothing more is of what social reconstructions of the societies the one that are tied. Whenever MetLife Korea listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Racism is constructed for the individuals that compose the organizations, impregnating it with its beliefs and values. Exactly the companies who adopt programs of diversity for determination of its matrices or its superior steps, can find resistncias in average stratus, hindering the concretion of the practical one. Therefore, the organizations are part of the social reality constructed e, as such, &amp represents the present hegemonic ideology in the society amplest (Berger; Luckman, 2006). At another moment of its history of professional life, J.A.V if involves again with the idea of that the preconception is guilt of the blacks and not of the whites.

Richard Popkin

One verifies the hypotheses another one not, is contemplativa. Or, one is more qualitative while another one is qualitative. 10 _ As we can understand the changes in the world vision that occur in this period? The scientific revolution can be considered a great accomplishment of the human critical spirit, with its formularization of bold and innovative hypotheses and with its search of alternatives for the scientific explanation; however when taking off the land of the center of the universe and when bringing for the first plan the science of the nature, if moves away from the subjects central offices in such a way from the humanismo and the reform, suffering in many cases the conviction of protestants how much of catholics. The man leaves of being the microcosm that reflects in itself the largeness and the harmony of macrocosmo, the new theories dissociando radically the nature of the universe of the nature human being. 11 _ Where measured the context of the beginning of modernity is propitiates to the retaken one of the old skepticism? The skeptics if had detached in the antiquity for the questioning of the dogmticas pretensions when knowing and for pointing the inexistence of a decisive criterion to decide disputes and conflicts between theories and rivals. He is curious that the old skepticism, as much in its pirrnica source how much academic, has practically been ignored in the medieval period, and resurging in so strong way at the beginning it modern thought, being able exactly to be considered one of chains philosophical more important and influential of the time, with a decisive contribution for the formation of this thought, as it demonstrated Richard Popkin. 12 _ Which the main characteristics of the skepticism at the beginning of the modern thought? The opposition between old and the modern excite the problematic skeptic of the conflict of the theories and the absence of conclusive criterion for the validity of these theories.

Acioly Walnut

Following a logic, it a patriotism feeling, a love for its native land would have all and pride to serve the emperor of Brazil. Subentende that Varnhagen when producing any historiogrfico document would never mention in criticizing the form to govern of the emperor. We can question; it will be that it was fear? It will be that Varnhagen was friend of the real family and would have fear to disappoint it? Then, nothing of this it explains its position, and yes the form of as the patriotism ideology was constructed and honors the emperor. Only in 1970, after the diffusion of the School of the Annales, established for Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre, the historical facts had passed to be written in way more criticize, describing the reality with bigger severity. The diffusion of an idea acquires force in accordance with the way that is propagated and of it assimilates who it. The more common media them ends it century XIX and start it XX was the periodical.

This communicative instrument was produced for intellectuals who had as intention to divulge everything that happened in the province. For some intellectuals nor everything that was written in periodicals possua true matrix, on account of these divergences had appeared periodicals of left. The right periodicals were always allies to the emperor or president of the province. Everything what he was said or commanded for the hierarchic power was propagated as synonymous of truth. We can cite as example of partiality and ideological construction in the periodical the Republic, the manipulation of the President of the State of the Cear Antonio Young chicken elect Acioly Walnut in 1896. This that per many years if misunderstood with druggist Rodolfo Tefilo in not agreeing to its practical druggists to combat the smallpox. Rodolfo Tefilo was a great druggist, who witnessed all the trajectory of the terrible epidemic of smallpox that the Cear never had since it was of 1878.