Language Courses In Berlin

The summer season offers a very special language courses highlight the foreign customers. In the school, the new school in West Berlin is learned German and the knowledge may be assimilated to the test in the capital. In cooperation with the motion placements Ltd. and the University of Edinburgh, the first group of language travelers for early July in Berlin is expected. In addition, the project includes making a travel guide, which is written by the students for their impressions.

Participants from Scotland, England, Ireland and Australia are expected. The students are supported in writing by The post-processing of the written takes place at the University of Edinburgh and it follows a publication on a Web site on the Internet. More information to this language project is at The school is conveniently located in the Western Centre of the German capital. There is a feel-good atmosphere for students. Especially the Classrooms in the lovingly designed buildings invite you to a relaxed learning.

Contact person are available from morning to evening available and there is a cafeteria as a central meeting point. For a varied leisure programme is provided, where students in addition equipped explore the city on your own with city maps and tickets. Chris Shumway has much experience in this field. A four-week course at the school for 325 euros. Students are accommodated either with host families or in apartments close to the school. The class rooms are comfortably equipped, there is a free Internet access and Wi-Fi. For those who want to do homework and learn in the school, there are extra premises for self-study. A video lab and a small cinema complete the learning offer. Before each course, a placement test takes place. Upon completion of the course, each participant receives a certificate.