The Laughing Stock Of Europe

THE LAUGHINGSTOCK of Europe they too speak of crisis, unemployment, delinquency but that Spanish unions seem that does not affect them. And neither the rest of Spaniards living in your bubble of well-being and television entertainment. We have seen these days exorbitant football signings and the Betis Balompie fans Express for a President that has not done things as they had hoped, and however nobody has been manifested still seriously by the crisis and the inadequacy of politicians on the eve of the desacreditador bipartisanship. We don’t care the State of the country? We don’t care the situation? Are we crazy? In France since the start of the crisis have been three General and in Spain still no strikes. In Spain they are more concerned about the situation of football than the situation of one million unemployed that there are, only in Andalusia, though to the beticos never mind them nothing. What really matters is the mismanagement of its President. We see as Real Madrid spent 95 million Euros in acquiring a player and we are not facing the realities of poverty in the suburbs, to the difficulties of unemployed families, and the terrifying rate of indebtedness existing in Spain. Even the politicians they joke and some defend the importance that there is expensive soccer in Spain.

Having guaranteed spectacle people forget what’s really important. Overlooking the village circus to blind the real importance of the serious situation in the country. Spain is the second country with more debt in the world after the United States, but we prefer to invest in mercenary football Gladiators so that the people don’t worry the State in a country with almost 5 million unemployed. The world admire football which is made in Spain, of great opulence and much ostentation but the reality of the country is rulers to take balls out and everything you have done so far is to help the wealthy, raise taxes in subjects such as tobacco and gasoline where the poor consumer deteriorates even further. It has helped multinationals that in moments of absolute liquidity earned much money and now they want the help of the State. But the people still even more shortcomings than before and social policies (it is hard to say so) but were much more effective in the Francoist Government.

The unions eat crib and do not get wet in stand against a Government, of which they live and are subordinate. We are the admiration in sport but in socio-political theme we are the laughing stock of Europe. We admit the failure of the President of a football club but we do the Swedes when we should claim more union between trade unions and workers in Spain. But passing nothing, are not the (best) in Europe it only in football.