Color Perception

Long Women's dress deep red color will make us again and again to stop your eyes on him the possessor; room with pink walls, furnished with rich furniture pink would look funny and necessarily cause a smile. Color can have a very strong psychological impact. Even the black and white images of logos, for example, known cell phone companies, call to mind a clear association with certain color – red with MTS, MegFon and green. And what an unusual, high contrast and more vivid combination of colors in the logo, the more it will be recognizable. Agree, black and yellow stripes mobile operator Beeline forget complicated. Colors have influence on our mood and even decision-making. Color subconsciously influences our choices.

This happens because our emotional reaction to color is very strong. Most of us probably take a job at the post legal counsel, a lady in an elegant dark blue suit, rather than give preference to the researches have stridently blouse with green color. Will the attorney you have confidence in a suit of red? Rather, he cause several different feelings and emotions. The color scheme is striking, soothes and captivates. Pink is passive, soothes and softens emotions, helps to reduce aggression, and bright pink, which had more red – funny. If the red color speaks of passionate love, pink rather tenderness. Red excites passion is and focuses on the attention – it is warm, even hot, active and aggressive, often associated with risk (red traffic lights, fire trucks).