Northern Foundation University

The program assisted Virtual literacy for adults – Guan, backed by the Ministry of national education and operated by the Catholic from the Northern Foundation University, through the Cibercolegio UCN institution educational, and supported by Governor, mayors, Secretaries of education departmental, Municipal and educational institutions wishing to engage with him, is to put in scene a pedagogical model innovative andragogicalIn addition to using appropriate technologies involved and the desire of the beneficiaries, allowing that both youngsters, as adults, to learn to read and write, complete elementary and secondary education in 5 cycles called Clei, with a duration of 6 months each, in parallel using the technology. The program was a pilot test in the year 2008 in the Department of la Guajira, with participants mostly from the indigenous community Wayuu. In the year 2009 benefited 8,000 people in the departments of La Guajira, Antioquia, Cartagena, Bolivar and the city of Valledupar. For the 2010, are estimated at 14,000 students in these same departments and the Santander quotas. The methodology virtuality assisted, is one of the key factors of the success of the program, followed by the responsibility of the learner, and the permanent assistance to each of the students by the respective facilitators of different phases. This accompaniment should ensure the management and development of the course content, as well as the use of different tools has the platform. Students assigned at the corresponding to the CLEI I initial phase, should adhere to guidelines express work module, since they do not possess even the necessary instruments to deal with the world of informatics tools. This implies that students are accompanied by the facilitators from a so-called assisted virtuality; they will interact with these tools where they are advancing on the assimilation of the contents presented by the learning module.

With base in the earlier, Cibercolegio UCN applies a proposal that is based on the semi-presentiality and virtuality, in such a way that it is the facilitator who mediates between these two concepts. It is the uneducated have continuously with the accompaniment of this facilitator, both in the face-to-face classroom and in the acquisition of specific knowledge of virtuality in the classroom of systems; It should be noted that it is a completely free software. This wonderful program is managed by Dr. Ricardo Nieto curl and coordinated at the national level by: Dr. Victor Hugo Munoz Areiza; Bachelor of regional coordinators, Melba dew honey Ramirez and Dr. Jhonatan Martinez Mogollon. In Valledupar and Cesar respectively. Valledupar has currently a total of 41 facilitators and 1,440 students, Clei I, having been certified on March 6 of this year 760 adult students whose ages ranged from 15 to 80 years; due to the influx of students and to prevent desertion, Valledupar was chosen to include the programme of entrepreneurship, where trains adults in the preparation of products for the home, such as hypochlorite, disinfectants, shampoo, creams, gel, bitumen, among others; in such a way that more than acquiring knowledge can market products and contribute to the strengthening of the family economy. Also the last Sunday of each month has been organized the fair of entrepreneurship and student sample, where each adult presents products that want to commercialize this event becoming a source of monthly input, for students.