Reynesskaya ideology, in my opinion, the ideology of people independent, full of the word. Who else can do only priority of existence of genuine feelings? Maid? School teacher or teacher University? The seller on the market? Politician? People have always worked closely with each other, and society has always been, is and will be a certain order, structure, hierarchy .. You may want to visit Uniworld Capital to increase your knowledge. Obeying the laws of society, it is impossible to obey laws Reynesskoy ideology, as people do not always come, or rather can, or even should do as he suggest feelings. People that put a sense of defiance to society, often signing his own death sentence, as in the figurative and literal sense of that expression. For example, literary characters of Romeo and Juliet.

It makes no sense to repeat the sad story of Shakespeare, known to any educated person. The fact remains fact – the lovers have a priority in their lives sincere feelings – love for one another – the final known. Reynesskaya ideology across society, it seems to me, has no chance of survival. Within this family ideology, perhaps, is the place to be, but not every family can live by the laws of this ideology. Generally, the fewer people interact, the more likely that this interaction will be based on sincere feelings. Ideal – a pair of lovers, but rather people loving each other.

I do not deny the possibility of the existence of man, who took over behind the idea Reynesskoy ideology, the ideology itself but do not trust. Although our funny the world can all be on the other, and this is exactly what you searched for mankind. Which by its very nature always looked for the keys to good and lyuvi joy and sorrow. Well, what have you thought? Interested right? Want to discuss?

Soul Kitchen

Have: your own business, a team of like-minded and continuous development of its properties. At Rob Crossland you will find additional information. To do: hold a successful consultancy, training and seminars, available for different income people to participate in programs of charity and produce information products – books, CDs, and webinars. And so in all areas of life. Get yourself a notebook or a separate file for the job. Do all the exercises there. Psychologist answers to your questions Q.

'Our family lives with her husband is boring and monotonous, the children grew up and live separately. Can I change my life, for example, get remarried? " Maria, 40 years old. When children grow, their parents are at home alone with each other and it happens that they are far and uninteresting to each other as strangers. And many feel that getting married again can solve all problems. New people, new sense, the new J. Behind the facade of the new life is not so much thrown the true reality – what I spent? What I can do? That's an escape from reality into another life.

Often, dissatisfaction with the other just a projection of his dissatisfaction with themselves. And you have the right to run or not run. Changes in life are based on a clear understanding of what happens to you, and what you want from these changes. If so – good luck! See a movie comedy "The Psychic kitchen, "Fatin Akin. Slogan movie: Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. Life is what happens to us when we are busy creating their plans. This is the story of a humble restaurant owner who got into bad luck – his girlfriend is leaving for another country to work, his brother out of jail and arranged to work in a restaurant, a friend of his is sanitary inspection, which is known to not walk alone, but with tax inspectors. On top of all – our hero tears back. You do not like our everyday life? How will the story and how to cope with life's troubles, our hero? The answers can be found by viewing the picture. For body and soul: recipes for health and longevity. Ginger tea. Superb tonic. Try to make it in this weekend's recipe. 1cm ginger horse grate and brew in a thermos with 200ml. water at night. If desired, add honey, lemon, or cardamom or cinnamon. Utility – excellent tones, gives clarity to the mind, improves circulation and enhances immunity. What do the Soul Kitchen, ginger tea, and an exercise in self-development? Merry, flavorful and amazing life.

History Department

But here's how to write this piece – very few students know and the more – Understand how to do it. It has become a part of our tradition of articles look at the guidelines of the one of Russian universities, where there is a full-fledged Department of History, and, therefore, students must write complete dissertations on historical topics with the problems. What we see in these recommendations? First, the authors rightly point out that "… involves a comprehensive analysis of the historiographical study the process of studying specific historical problems in the scientific literature and the definition of the least studied and most promising research directions, "and that" … the greatest difficulty in writing thesis on the history usually occurs in the writing section of historiographical introduction.

" As they say, who would argue … Secondly, given the structure of historiographical analysis, which includes a number of stages: the selection of historiographical phases; historiographical analysis of each stage: the selection at each stage of the main types of scientific literature on the problem; characteristics of the main types of literature, the main selection conceptual approaches to the study of the problem, the selection of authors who have made the greatest contribution to the study of the problem, and their major works, the allocation of key aspects of the subject, which were studied at each historiographical stage, formulation of conclusions – a selection of aspects and stages of regions within the object of research, which studied the least, etc. etc. That's right, no doubt. Only now there is one problem: the students in the abundance of terms is not something that is lost – and just drown, die.

The consequence of this is quite logical and understandable to the mere mortal (in this case – not professional historians) appeal to all sorts of real and psevdopomoschnikam assistants (who as luck) in the writing of dissertations – writers and individuals to numerous Internet sites. Most of them will write a research paper is bad, the low academic level, and especially – historiographical part of the introduction to her. But here on the students just can not complain. How could they, given the current state of the Russian system of higher education, to know about "a comprehensive study of the process of studying specific historical problems in the scientific literature, "or" separation of major conceptual approaches to the study of the problem? " Who, I'm sorry, this has taught them? It turns out that writing a diploma in history – not so much a problem but a whole separate history, often – the detective genre, quite often – a drama and even tragedy, when the department of "turns" God knows what 'helper' written thesis, leaving the hapless students in the state, which once More Pushkin said: "The people are silent."

Training Video Course

The Internet is changing our view of life. The attitude of many everyday things, including – to learn. To date, no difficulty to record the material in a format for video tutorial the presence of certain knowledge and skills. Training video course has become very popular and convenient way of acquiring new knowledge and skills. Every person has the necessary experience and level of knowledge, can compile the necessary material in the format of the video course. The advantages of studying in the video course material are obvious: – You can study at home when you want it – you can learn as much footage as is necessary in terms of educational material and over time – you can always move to any place video tutorial as soon as you need it – just by ordering a video tutorial, you save substantial money in comparison with Pay-Per-conventional training, as well as you do not have to waste time on the road. But this method of training has its drawbacks.

Video tutorials by various authors may differ considerably in their quality and usefulness. On Today appeared a lot of training video on website creation, video courses on search engine optimization, as well as on many other topics. Many people who have good knowledge and experience in certain popular destinations, has become rich by creating an information product (training video) and selling it through Internet. Making furniture in his garage, mushroom cultivation 'oyster' production vodonagrevayuschego collector – such info-products are now easily available through internet.Kak clear from this, the subject can be very diverse. See reviews of many video courses you can Online video courses are usually bought through the internet and get on the disks by mail. It is usually available for a significant amount of the payment methods, from electronic payments to cash on the post. We advise all enjoy this popular product of our time – Video Tutorials.

Time Management

Two basic approaches of time management. Business daily life does not allow the inefficient use of time. After all in a day only 24 hours, and have a lot to catch: to go to work, with family to spend time, you also need to remember beloved friends, to find the time their own health – go to a fitness club or go out of town on a fishing trip. It's all right, but you must still deal with careers, or they build their business in order to be able to improve their lives, get more money. For 24 hours to do – simply impossible.

To this end, our contemporaries are implemented in life science such as time management person (businessman). Time Management RIGHTS – enough new, which allows to learn to successfully perform the important work in order to keep up and make a career (to build your business) and spend time on family, friends, sports, recreation. Time management in life – a very useful science, but it need to understand to make an effort to use it daily in a dynamic life. In this article I will share with you just two basic components of success in life and business, which, in principle, may well replace the whole science time management. The first method is much brings you closer to success – it's the principle of Pareto. Pareto Law says that twenty percent of your actions generate as much as 80% of success in your life. All the other things that You do in life (80%) or lead you to any good results. These unnecessary things just take your time in a very active life.

Twenty percent of all of your affairs – is the most important things in life. As a rule, All of us have only the 3 most important things in life, and if you do these things every day – something relatively quickly succeed. 2 method of self-improvement and time management – it's Parkinson's Law. Parkinson's Law suggests that any job is spent as much time as you took it. Ie the day you can do just one thing (if you plan to run all day long). Or you can do 10 cases or more – in fact If exactly planned to perform a specific time of each case. If you become used daily in their lives these two effective methods that increase your efficiency, you will notice that your business grows.