MEMBERS – is a versatile device that allows for perfect purity of garden and garage tools. You can use it to clear the tracks on your site, and also to bring your home or cottage in excellent form – a mini-sink provides the highest degree of cleaning of walls, facades, fences, etc. Such unpleasant domestic issues, like washing the stagnation in the sewers or cleaning garbage cans can be solved quickly and easily with Using this unpretentious staff. Mini-washing may be the best friend and assistant for motorists, motorcyclists or cyclists. One of the main advantages of mini-washes them are small and compact and mobility (which is perfectly combined with high efficiency). Before you buy a mini-sink, for a start, decide how often you will use it, and what types of pollution, it should be removed.

Based on these conditions, determine the performance and power mini-sink. Also one of the most important selection criteria are the size of the product. There are not only hand-held and compact mini-washing, but also the "floor" devices, with very high power. In the Russian market represented a huge range of mini-washes, most manufactured by different companies. Among them are: Karcher, Lavor Wash, Portotecnica, Faip, Delvir, IPC. Which of these vendors to choose – to decide you start to have selected the most mini-sink. The simplest mini-car wash will cost 110 – 200 Euro, the most popular models cost about 250 – 500, and the price of domestic mini-washing with hot water up to 1000 Euro.