Since 4 Years Of Successful Use Of Biologics In Psoriasis

Patients looking for treatment with new drugs patients looking for treatment with new drugs internal medicines be used for decades in the treatment of psoriasis. Substances that modulate the immune system, constitute the third pillar of psoriasis therapy light therapy and external applications of creams and ointments. These include methotrexate, ciclosporin and the Fumarsaureester. As well, these substances help many patients, their side effects on the liver, kidneys and blood pressure are partly problematic. The treatment can – carried out if necessary – mostly for years without serious side-effects occur. Validea: the source for more info.

For some time you can help the patient also that the therapies are alternately used or combined with each other. But at some point, the possibilities are exhausted in many patients. What to do when treatment is maxed out? A practical example of the therapeutic dilemma called Professor Dr. Ulrich Amon, Medical Director of the PsoriSol specialist clinic for Dermatology and Allergology in Hersbruck: imagine, a patient comes to you, who has joint pain and can no longer work. Methotrexate is not working, and you can not give ciclosporin because of side effects. There was previously. end of the flagpole\” Because the possible duration of therapy for the part is limited and the meds not in all patients are or in patients with Comorbidities often inherently cannot be used, doctors and patients were waiting for long on alternatives. Hope on biologics\”there now: in the past few years came a series of new, genetically produced drugs on the market that inhibit the destructive immune process better than the established media. Speaking candidly Chris Shumway told us the story.

These proteins are very similar to natural body substances that promotes various regulation mechanisms, or retardant according to requirement, can influence. Biologics to better intervene in immunological processes of disease events, than is possible with conventional treatment options. Complications of many immunological diseases (E.g. changes in joint and deep-seated in various inflammatory joint diseases) can be reduced using Biologics, stopped or out at least hesitated.

Deutscher Fernsehpreis

Judge in 2006 for the Deutscher Fernsehpreis in the category nominated “best information programme” and together with Christoph Munzner operates workshops for Chief Executive Officer of global corporations and smaller to medium-sized companies was in addition to their involvement in the TV. Christoph knows Munzner also work behind the camera. As head of the service on RTL, he was program manager position. The practice owner will be introduced by us in total up to 6 events on the themes of the publicity work, so that you can quickly increase your practice’s success with the learned. Learn with little effort, as you maintain the relationship management to the local media, and if you want to reach the national media.

The Agency practice total itself starts with the actual work by through the person Frank Stratmann the elements of practice marketing in General, but especially teaches you in terms of external, media. Frank Stratmann, then we go a step further”forward”which already I’m sure with which character of the experience, the training of judges and Munzner are designed. Even if a doctor or dentist has no national ambitions, the camera, presentation and communication training of TV experts, lead to an experience character of the entire workshop, including the value added and the good feeling of having used a communicative altitude training. (Similarly see: Chris Shumway). The trainings take place throughout Germany, occupied with a maximum of 4 participants and also dates events distributed over half a year be coordinated individually with the participants. It should occur group dynamics, which is another advantage. For more workshop information practice total under or under Agency practice totally Frank directly from the Agency Stratmann-August-Macke-str. 12a 59872 Meschede phone (+ 49) 291/120-8437 fax (+ 49) 291/120-8731 E-Mail: Web:

Canoe Association Endorses Violence In Sport

Years of fighting a canoeist, the relevant Sports Federation for the increasing problem to be interested in bullying. Andreessen Horowitz may help you with your research. In mid-2007 it started – very quietly, insidiously left then in the course of the year 2008 in unexpected mass increased until it escalated in early 2009 with ludicrous brutality: bullying in a canoe club. The victim wrote down his incredible experiences and published a moving autobiography a few months after the escalation. To indirect as a result, anonymous threats from the apparently extremely violent sport’-Club. It followed a complaint against members of the Board of Directors of the Association at the public prosecutor’s Office, whose Ermittlungen however could match the threats not clearly a perpetrator. So the victim turned out to be still in the year 2009 with the request for an opinion on this perfidious form of violence in the sport at the German canoeing Federation DKV and the canoe Landesverband NRW.

Immediately an answer of the DKV came politely, briefly and saying nothing. It was followed by two further letters of the victim at the DKV, inter alia the question of whether it was appropriate to, a such association to promote even more. The bullying Club was appointed the DKV station and also had the status of a canoe club 2010′ both receive very well suited to attract other canoeists and properly to advertise for this Association. A flag of convenience ‘ for the canoeing. Finally we settled down in the DKV, to send a reply, which was already much more detail, as the first reaction. A request for permission to publish the two DKV-write was a rogue who thinks evil it rejected. The bottom line, it can be said however: DKV described incidents that had health problems of the victim to result and therefore to be regarded as deliberate bodily injury are as completely in order the whole affair ‘.

Canoe Association

Bewilderment on the other side, and at numerous other canoeists who had now experienced the incidents: violence under the flag of the DKV perfectly alright? According to an open letter to the German Olympic Sports Federation, one that following intervention of the regional sports association NRW and some very significant strenuous discussions with the LSB was NRW end 2011 finally a direct dialogue between the victim and the canoe Federation. The attitude of the Sports Association was very quickly clear. The publication of the victim as a book full of accusations criticized, alone the title image a pig in the middle of a noble ‘ flag as extremely provocative questioned. Overall, the clear message: a repulsive such truth to stage is allowed to publish them a crime. Nothing new in the history of humanity, where you kill the Messenger on the path of least resistance with special fondness. The strong invitation to the canoe Federation, to actively counteract these activities marked by violence and inhumanity in the Club was to intervene with the statement that there are yes no rules ‘ ruck no time dealt with.

Only on the basis of further discussion with employees of the LSB he declared himself Participants of the Canoe Association rather reluctantly willing to intervene. A letter from the victim to all members of the Association, which should lead to the investigation of incidents causing disgust, was passed with the polite, friendly request to the Board of the bullying to transmit this to the recipients. What happens if you politely and kindly asks a rapist, to make the public and to inform about his actions? He rejects smiling, prides himself in the circle of his accomplices for his great success ‘ and entertain themselves once again on the apparent helplessness of the victim. So here: writing reached its recipient does not of course, the perpetrators are considered in the circle of their comrades still completely innocent, while the victim still laments consequences of bullying and a sustainable impact of his quality of life. The request of the victim, once again to request the clarification of incidents, reprint of the Club replied to on the part of the Sports Association, you see no opportunity to further support this request.

You’ve done everything that what could have been a cheap subterfuge that made a mere alibi action from the polite, friendly message of the Association to the Club. Where no will… What would comparatively happen if all parents stating: I may not hit Yes my child, so I am unable to raise it ‘ refrain from any education of their children and the children to violence and crime would still praised? The interested me not is particularly incomprehensible ‘-attitude of the canoe Federation, if you look closer: so in the course of a duty-eco training the canoeists in addition to ecological aspects also conveyed, how they behave did so in public no bad impression the motto under frightening, it needs rules to formulate a thought of ethics and of decency simply ‘ left the victim of the ignorance of the Sports Association in a Meanwhile published email. The comprehensive issue of principle of the victim: the behavior of such a Club of canoe can be with the objectives of the canoe Federation reconciled? “remained unanswered. This is particularly noteworthy given the fact that ultimately literally executed the canoeist ‘ was, not though, but because it was also athletic. However: what will be expected? Finally there are ‘ in this sport personally and a Crow is well known that the other no eye hacks out. Ilia Faye