Rio De Janeiro

CHAPTER II Isabel negotiates with the Isabel Retail dealers decided then, if to interest for the businesses of the father, and more it was not satisfied in only weaveeing crochr with its mother. This now wanted to know what it was an arroba? How much it cost? With how many ourios of chestnut it gave a box? That type of merchandise it it could change with a chestnut box with the Retail dealers who brought of everything. The interest of the young woman for the businesses of the father, brought it one rewards so great, its father Manoel Vidal had given to it plenary powers on the businesses, and is clearly, total confidence, and the old taboo had been broken, ' ' the woman place is not alone in the kitchen is also in negcios' '. That small port seemed that if it had become part of Rio De Janeiro or So Paulo, after all, in great cities it only was that the man trusted that the woman took the front of the businesses of the family and was a little independent. In the small cities, and, still more being in Amazon in simple Large cabins the women only they were remembered for the domestic tasks and is clearly the night, for the act, the accomplishment of the desires flesh times of the men. Then, after to have received authority to negotiate with the retail dealers, Isabel made each negotiation with sufficient efficiency not to displease its father, and, is clearly, not to lose the chance to continue in front of the businesses to find so waited boat again Rivals, that it brought Tone Cavalcante. Days, months had been transferred and until at last, so waited it arrived, but, the father of Isabel, although not to be the front of the transactions, folloied the son to protect it of the gavies, that very, they desired to possess it. .

San Martin College

He was determined that Nana would go for another college and with the name of bachelor of its mother. But the girls had always walked together until finishing the course normal. Read more from Douglas R. Oberhelman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. They had commemorated the party of fifteen years of the two, the ball of debutantes, the formation. After formed and already with boyfriends in sight, the mother of Nana worked folded. It already possua a foot of considerable stocking, but did not want to move away itself from its safe port.

The first one to marry was Nana; it married a very good youngster, of good family, was university professor and it was not become involved in politics, that the mother of Nanda liked. that she was ornithologist; the illumination of the tables gave a scenic effect that years later still was commented; the cake of the fianc, an enormous mattress of white fianc with two birds, birds of the paradise, white pens; at the time it was it are of cogitao the couple of noivinhos on of the cake; the worthy supper of prince, the wines the best ones. It was everything so perfect and luxurious, luxury that would only happen again in the marriage of the son of the doctor who was godmother of Nana and that she married two years after. as it could not leave of being, was the mother of Nana that organized the party and if it performed with care, therefore it already was if becoming professional there in organization of parties. Its ideas were so surprising that the more parties organized, more were surpassed. Nana married and was to live in noble place, decorated for its mother who also passed to make decoration of interiors.

Nana made college and started to work with the husband, was to be university teacher. It had two children that today they live in London and are attending a course the San Martin College of Art and Design. Its mother continues to live in the house of its medical friend and its husband, in the apartment of the garage. Of the father of Nanda never if she had notice and with the amnesty politics the mother of Nana can assume its true identity and started to look for the husband who disappeared in the military dictatorship. What it knew was that it was imprisoned when it was the way of the place where he went to give the lecture. It was led by the policy to put down and never more it was seen. According to person who gave these information, is well possible that has been launched to the sea. It, with the aid of the friends, had established an organization that fights for the rights of the widowers of the dictatorship. The mother of Nana never recovered of the loss of the husband and she was not married more. To the sundays the four families, more the mother of Nana, if congregate besiege in it of Nana where they can rest the head, to take waterfall bath and they relem


A letter in the table. Spilled coffee, spotting one has left of the paper. Still it gave to read. ' ' I tired of living in this cativeiro.' ' Spot of coffee. ' ' I find that I must go even so, then its silence will have paz' '. Spot of coffee. One sat down in the chair next, the letter kneaded between the fingers.

The hand in the head went up. It stopped. It thought. It only had a place where it could be. But not. Of this it a time.

A time to think if the decision was wrong or If she was most correct of its life. It would snow very soon, and the things were not more the same ones. Old, the snow was so happy. So pure and symbolic. Two days. Two days. To search it or leaves to leave it? The choice most important that it would have to make. Soon per the morning, without I smell feeling it of strong coffee of the kitchen. Or per the afternoon, without watering the garden. The greenhouse was closed in the snow. But in this time without cares, the snow would fall on all the species. At night, without the special tea, whose prescription it never swears to say. According to day, or last. Half night and stocking, but already the following day. The bed still seemed empty and bigger that before, while the room seemed so quiet how much a grave. The window seemed locked the seven keys. It waited the day to be born. The car did not bind because of the cold. It caught a taxi. ' ' Leave it can me exactly here, that now I go andando' ' , and it paid the marked one in the taximeter. Two blocks of white blackout, a snow of a meter already takes the city. In the end of a narrow street, one carries wooden spends. Starbucks wanted to know more. Strokes in the oak. Same it opened. ' ' What she came to make here? ' '. She asked calmly. ' ' The coffee spotted to another part of carta' ' , it said, in serious tone. ' ' It wanted that it said, looking in my eyes, what he was escrito' '. Silence. It was its arms, and abraos. In return to the captivity. Bianca Braga de Carvalho (Lady Viana).

City Players

The Lamb was the trainer, technician, president and massagista, practically the owner of the official teams; Already he had ' ' hung chuteiras' ' , however the passion that nourished for the soccer made with that it, with great effort obtained to congregate the players in the field all the afternoons, after finished its daily drudgeries. Mining Chico with its talent made in such a way to grow the stimulaton of the part of the players, as of the part of Lamb and the torcedores. It was what novinho in leaf motivated then the Mayor of is Joo of the Araguaia to presentear the teams with the sponsorship of an equipment; Ball, shirts, shimstocks, stockings, chuteiras and even though air bomb to full the ball. From now on the first teams was established of Is Domingos of the Araguaia; The Cruise of Is Domingos. Lamb esteem its teams, treated as children to all the players, however a special treatment was excused to the mining Chico, that was treat with more affection and respect even though for the other players and sympathetical to the teams. When the Cruise had that to carry through games it are of the town, Lamb was always who headed line of people, torcedores and players who travelled the foot for the ways time for another shadings for the bush, route to the place of the game. Some loaded the material of the teams, others the supply of cachaa that it would be consumed in return, in the joy of the victory or the sadness of the defeat. All the players and torcedores divided between itself the moments of joy and sadness of the teams. This when one was about games in villages and neighboring towns. It plays when it was in moved away cities more, as it was the case of Marab, Great Heath, Palestine, Are Geraldo, Itupiranga and other more, the Lamb always gave a skill to obtain the old truck of the City hall, for the transport of the players and torcedores of the Cruise.