GPS Case

Nowadays, car navigator in the vehicle is unlikely to surprise anyone. Is straightforward and its acquisition, but choose the car navigator is much more complicated. A severe case it will be on because at the moment the market is full of car navigation products endowed with different characteristics of various enterprises. The fact is that buying gps navigator, first of all, we must think – what features would be needed specifically for you and you will be used, directly to you from a need. Classic for all models will be a function of geolocation, which helps not only to understand where you are at this time, but even pave the subsequent trip to suit your requirements, whether, for example, the movement of some area or street. Can you find out the average speed of movement, the current speed, and and the distance you are gone. 'Fancy' Navigator will provide you with information about the state of the road – there is congestion. And in case of need – will indicate where the cost would slow down or turn.

In other words, setting a navigator in own vehicle, you may risk confusing the road, even if the place you do not know. Barry brand may find this interesting as well. The most important thing – to have available a map. And directly the route by which you move, will be maximally optimized and, most importantly, safe. For such a subject, as a car navigator, and was created specifically for this purpose. Basically, just choose and buy a GPS, in case guided only by the presence of a geolocation option.

Not so easy is the case, if you want to bring together in one unit a variety of options on the occasion of the lack of desire to carry in addition a couple of some other electronic devices. For example, currently marked for inclusion in the fashion gps navigators such options as the MP3-player, save to memory cards and the subsequent viewing of photos as well as various electronic dictionaries, reference books and tutorials. Separately, it should be noted scaling option that allows you to not only consider the very fine details of the photos, but also to analyze the terrain in which you are currently are as a whole, and individual streets, roads and turns. Certain models have Bluetooth, whereby you can load into memory the device information you need. Moreover, the ultra- car navigator can have a unit converter, display the current time. If it so happens, stop and look at the monitor while driving you can not, voice prompts names of streets, cities have always help you navigate. The obvious benefit may be noted gps navigation equipment with quality speakers, so you can hear the information, even if there is a very loud noise. Extended range – this is, without doubt, an enormous advantage, which can be determined and the process of buying your browser. But we should not trust bezrazdumno enormous list of features on a model. Need to understand that special role in the purchase of your browser should certainly play a quality factor and quality. Do not forget that the world market represented by navigation devices, created all kinds of corporations. For example, Garmin – one of the world-leading market of navigators. Today, the company made navigators for water, air, cars and motorcycles, as well as for tourists and sportsmen. And, surprisingly, Garmin navigators often differ from their analogs was enhanced functionality (and especially the last series models – Nuvi 2300), that can certainly play a key role in selecting and purchasing the navigator gps.

Auto Painting

Every motorist is familiar with the words' painting a car. " Indeed, during operation of the car, how would you carefully did not refer to his swallow very often there are situations that lead to damage refinishing. Even if you're not on the road and the car is parked in peace then and there that she is safe from accidents. With the dramatic opening of the adjacent car doors can remain a unique mark on the back of your car. The most common defects in the painted surface of the car are such familiar names: scratches, chips, dents. On the method for removing scratches, chips, dents, and it will go further, let's start with painting car. There are a lot of technology paint the car, the most accessible paint spray gun.

Car bodies are painted in two main types of paint: acrylic and metallic. There are certainly more Exotic species: pearl, chameleon. What is the difference between metallic and acrylic? Acrylic paint itself is very good quality and is applied to the primed surface in 3 layers. When painting metallic paint itself apart (Database) and it will take a polish. Has the effect of gloss varnish and closes the base, unnecessarily base is made of paint with the addition of a filler (particles of aluminum). The base does not have the strength and serves only to add color and shade car. As for the paint spray gun, it is divided by the square substrate: full, partial and local.

For example a complete painting, I think the meaning is clear, bought three liters of paint, if car more than the average one liter. Mix colors of the two cans in one container, it is done in order to shade was one and there was no difference in color, then pours (painted), the entire body. With regard to local painting with her painted part of the body, separate from the vehicle, such as door, fender, bumper. In partial painting, the painted area equals the area of correcting defects in painting. In partial painting has its own nuances: material consumption is minimal, but to get into the car body color might not turn out right the first time. Painting a car class troublesome and fairly significantly in terms of money. Is it possible to eliminate defects in paint spray gun without the use of paint? Yes you can, there are many technologies remove dents, scratches and chips. Technology remove dents with the help of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). The essence of the method in the PDR the use of special tools, instruments used extrusive dent from the inside, special suction cups pull the dent out. Also introduced was the instrument by a magnet, remove shallow dents from hail for example. That As for removing scratches, if not to the ground, then you can apply the technology to polish the body. Each manufacturer has its own system of polishing pastes polish the body, but they boil down to one, first performed handling abrasive paste, and then honing the final paste. But when you remove the cleavage, the paint still needed. Filled with paint chipping in small drops until a small mound on the surface, further ground and polished. Now you have an idea how about painting the car and about the technology bug fixes paint without paint. I wish you a clean roads and good health of the car.