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But if this change had to analyze the situation and worked out a plan to legalize the basic schemes of interaction of the body with the contractors, the measure of change in a corrupt leader departments, even if it is not never caught, is justified. A striking example in support of this method is that the resignation of the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. Luzhkov has successfully maintained political stability in the capital, for which him very much forgiven. And where there is impunity, there exist forces that will tend to abuse the situation. In particular, the wife of Yuri Mikhailovich is the richest female entrepreneur in Russia specializing in construction in the capital. And in construction, and even in the capital, in the first place stands the administrative resources on land issues. As capital accumulates the best workforce, there will be much doubt that the best government orders in the company fell Moscow Elena Baturina solely of the competitive advantages of the company. In addition, Mr.

Luzhkov is the Kremlin's longevity – 18 years of rule by Moscow. Obviously, the biggest money spinning in Moscow, and therefore the permanent team Luzhkov, obviously, has acquired the shadow side. In my opinion, the mayor simply could not go and change things, because one person may not resignation due to loss of confidence. This problem particularly acute for law enforcement, and we see that police reform was preceded by a massive purge of senior management. For example, in early August 2010 the president dismissed almost the entire leadership of the transport police. February 18, 2010 lost his job 17 police generals, and 1 September were fired another 3 General Ministry of Interior.

In addition, Dmitry Medvedev fired six generals of the Interior Ministry after the re-certification in connection with the reform of the police March 21, 2011. Thus, for the period 90s and the emergence of capitalism in our country, there are objective conditions for the development corrupt relationship between government and business. With that, the higher the rank of the employee, the stronger was the objective involvement in the relationship. This is because big business interacts with the major officials, because of his "big" interests lie in the area of responsibility of high officials. In turn, big business has a strong financial lobby, which can resist not everyone. Therefore, generation managers, especially senior, who continue to serve, from the 90s in need of replacement, which should be carried out within the framework of the legalization of the activities of their government institutions.