Nobody would have thought that this creates a coin. The Mapleleaf truncates ranked in our survey of about 50 passers-by on the street in Augsburg the share I found out that almost all respondents people tend to buy gold and silver, than stocks. Coins are very popular because they are to purchase in small pieces as a financial investment and money back. The people know first and foremost the Mapleleaf, which are especially so popular, because they are produced in extremely high numbers virtually without limitation. What is the advantage of the so-called bulletin coins? You have almost no collector’s value, making the purchase as a pure investment makes sense due to their wide availability. Gold coins are expensive than silver coins.

Investors can thanks to the Mapleleaf piece coins into small units and already from about 30 to 40 euros. The coins are also to larger sizes, which of course also the coin becomes more expensive. Why is the coin a particular investment alternative? What makes the Mapleleaf to a coin so special? It is not located on the coin itself. It is simply one of the most purchased precious metals in the world. If so, the world demand for gold and silver, Canadian coin, also in the focus of investors. Why demand at the moment so much? The main reason for an always increasing demand can be seen in particular in the political development of the world. More and more gold and silver will wondered if wars are close, great natural disasters in the coming or there is a general political discontent.

For example, the dissatisfaction resulting lack of decision. In addition, the European financial crisis is not settled yet. Spain, Portugal, France and Greece in particular are all on very thin ice, what goes on the financial development in terms of debt. When debt, then consumption will decrease and usually more money is printed. Rising prices have translated an inflationary movement. If the money is worth less because prices are going up, people flee in tangible assets. Precious metals such as gold, silver and Platinum are three of them, also include also companies. Why? We engage not only the company name, but also all goods that exist. These real assets are fixed assets. But as long the investors will understand the escape probably in gold further was have. Even if for example the alpha star stock Club an alternative would be the best provider of gold purchase and sale Kettner and thus an important option is also on the dream of a Maple Leafs-owned to come closer.