Tax Inspectorate

Taking into account the current state of the world economy, but rather to the fullest extent the ensuing crisis, company executives will certainly disturb the question of preserving their market position. The extra costs will not be able to contribute this way, so use outsourcing as a tool to save money by paying off in full. In fact, using the services of outsourcing, the contracting authority in his person receives as a further structural unit of the company, which at the same time remain legally independent from it. Today, outsourcing accounting to resort mostly foreign entities doing business in Russia. The reasons for this phenomenon can be considered a weak orientation of foreign businessmen in the intricacies of our tax laws. When concluding an agreement on keeping accounts with the company, providing services ausorsinga to competently make the contract of compensated rendering of services, especially to distinguish clearly between the responsibility of the organization – the customer and the outsourcer for fulfillment of certain transactions for accounting accounting. This is critical, because it is the taxpayer – an organization entrusted to keep accounting outsourcer, in case of violations would have to pay penalties and interest. Recently Ben Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. Therefore, to include the contract clause that all fines and penalties assessed by the Tax Inspectorate for late filing of tax returns, incorrect calculation of taxes and so forth, are compensated by the organization, the outsourcing, the contracting is able to recover the amount paid fines due to outsourcing.

Of course, this is only possible if the reason for this is not a customer of the outsourcer late submission of the primary accounting records. Provided in the contract section of the degree of responsibility of the organization, outsourcing, you can avoid many problems. Typically, the outsourcer compensate for damage to the client within the stipulated contract. Summarizing, we can say that outsourcing is a fairly young kind of activity in Russia, while Western countries are using it for quite a long time. Outsourcing has proved its worth in the world business as a very convenient way to stay afloat and not lose their money, especially in difficult economic conditions. Of course, there are opponents of this method is critical of outsourcing for the loss of jobs, but owners of their companies need to remember the main goal of business generated by them – bringing profits, and if outsourcing can save you quite a large part of wealth and thereby maintain its position in the market, then certainly this method of paying off one hundred percent.