Technical Innovation

The Essen fire safety service informs major fires destroyed regularly large and small settlements in the past. The principles of modern urban planning and fire safety regulations emerged from such events over the course of time. Contemporary buildings are therefore made of flame retardant materials and integrate modern fire protection concepts, which prevent the outbreak of the most uncontrolled fire. Every year approximately two hundred thousand fires break out in the Federal Republic of Germany all efforts to the contrary. It is still their targeting of the utmost importance for survival and the material existence of the persons concerned. A modern innovation history of firefighting portrays the Essen fire service EBS.

Again and again, dry California climate contributes to the emergence of catastrophic wildfires. The situation was particularly dramatic in October of 2003. At that time, 15 fire in California raged within a month. You burned on an area of over 1000 Square kilometers thousands buildings and had cost many lives. While almost all the houses were burned in the affected areas, remained isolated building without damage.

Thorough research revealed that these houses were previously treated by a happy coincidence with so-called Super absorbers. Superabsorbent polymers are plastics that have the amazing property, to be able to record up to 1000-fachen of its own weight in water. In doing so, they swell strongly and form a gel. Before the California wild fires of 2003, Superabsorbent were mostly used in diapers, the supply of incontinence or bandages. No one came up to this point on the idea to use the fire-fighting. This changed quickly after the fires of 2003. The environmentally friendly super absorber Firesorb”was developed and successfully employed as additives for fire and fire extinguisher. Firesorb absorb extremely large amounts of water and it expands to form a gel, the is about fire trucks as a fire-extinguishing foam spray can. The extinguishing gel smothered fire effectively and simultaneously constitutes a long term stable protective layer, which prevents further inflammation. This property is very useful in combating Schwel – and wild fires. Additionally it allows to prevent spreading of fires and limit fires. The stable Super absorber gel reduces water consumption by up to 50%, as its high concentration of water not just seeps and evaporates, but remains on the fire-prone objects and surfaces. This reduction in water consumption increases the effectiveness and duration of usage by trucks and leads to a reduction of water damage. The amazing properties of superabsorbents have meant that they now are counted in the United States to the standard additive in fire-fighting aircraft and ground vehicles. Also in fire extinguishers Superabsorbent polymers are strongly in the advance. The Use of absorbent is a vivid example of technological innovations in fire-fighting. The most reliable protection against fire damage is and remains the prevention of the outbreak of fire. The Essen fire service EBS supports its customers with professional advice and planning in all aspects of modern fire protection. The company based on its many years of experience and competence answered questions on this subject.