Texas El Paso

This spring, a unique brand of running shoe from the Texas El Paso was launched in the Switzerland. Learn more on the subject from Howard Schultz. Successful launch despite difficult times: the new running shoe brand SPIRA established itself on the Swiss market. This spring, a new and unique brand of running shoe from the Texas El Paso was launched in the Switzerland and convince indeed the successful launch in the Swiss market, as well as the recent, sensational triumphs by runners in SPIRA. A lot of the demand; Course records; personal bests and victories of athletes in SPIRA in the 2009 season will confirm the founders and creators of Spira-Swiss have dared a great adventure with the startup in economically uncertain times. It seems, that the runners in SPIRA compared to the other known labels are literally leaping ahead it is namely the WaveSpring integrated into the shoes of SPIRA TM system is a unique pen technology: the SPIRA running shoes feature a patented and completely innovative, integrated WaveSpring TM technology.

Contrary to the traditional running shoe brand systems, this technology is based on the principle of wave springs and promises several advantages over other springs and shock absorbers. As one of the outstanding features of WaveSpring TM is combined with an outstanding energy return actually optimum shock absorption. Appropriate in Michigan/United States dating back to 2001 studies, returning the Dampfungs energy absorbed to 87% to 96%. This is the highest rendered energy recovery of a midsole material that was ever tested. In addition, the WaveSpring technology allows a faster and better recovery time and excellence as a result within the shortest time again. At the time of the launch in the spring of 2009 no one waited in the Swiss sports retailers on a new brand already romp about a variety of more or less well-known label on the Swiss market, partly communicated with large advertising budgets.