The Actions

The State is basing as an organization patriarcalno exactly model of the family nuclear.a economy not if disciplinaindependente became one behind, therefore this was not possible before, was necessary social umaestrutura where the individual interest in the good ownership surpassed ointeresse for the preservation of social relations. The economy seems to depend not-economic deinstituies to become possible while science this, the thesis is defended by authors of the economic anthropology the creation daeconomia of market inverts the situation of the economy, that before was submersana ethical action of each citizen, and now starts to determine the actions of the prpriasociedade the economy more does not depend on an ethical consideration of the actions, masa society of masses depends on the economy to multiply the market is entendidocomo auto-regulated system where pursuing only its personal interests they offer and demandammercadorias, and the decisions on what and how much to produce they only leave dasexpectativas of I earn, and not more than a social necessity is as one sincroniapr-established between the human desires was had and the maintenance of the society demassas, but such affirmation today finds diverse on the part deantroplogos and sociologists critical the economy as science it cuts to the bow between aohumana and the ethics, but the work nopode to be a merchandise, therefore it is the proper activity human being, the land is aprpria nature, and also it cannot be treated as merchandise, this questesso originally philosophical, but they had been taken off of the discussooriginal scope the pretension of the economy of being a science must be debated, to podehaver a serious reducionismo in the bedding of the economy while science, outrosautores still defend that the economy alone can be understood if be fortomada correctly as part of the ecology, that is, as human being was about the exchange of eenergia substance inside of the system. Considering that the activity estisolada human being of the activity of the other species of the planet, this would not be a boasugesto, however the trend is that the economic vision if extends to explain opapel of each organism of the planet in function of the maintenance of the civilization. Ouseja, to place a economic value in each process that is part of the life ea then formulates to complete it of the organic functioning of the market. It still fits acrtica to the trend to become the economy somewhat derived and dependent of ummoralismo, or supposedly inherent a moral system to the man. It the validity of such moralista vision necessidadeou also is a quarrel of the field dafilosofia.