The Application

However, if the buyer is purchasing coverage for temporary installation on a parquet floor, it is necessary to warn him that the man-made jute – a very hard material, and its threads have very sharp edges, so operation will behave just like sandpaper. Consequently, after using the cover needs to be done sanding hardwood floor to give him a normal appearance. Latex rubber (coating on the foam-based) Manufacturing secondary basis of latex rubber – a lengthy process. It consists of two stages – the application and polymerization of the deposited layer. Secondary layer of rubber is applied by spraying a mixture of uniform, thin layer on a primary basis.

Mainly used for this purpose synthetic rubber latex with the addition of a large number of the filler, usually calcium carbonate. The basic condition for enhancing the chemical process Foam is a thermal effect. Observing a certain temperature, the polymerization is carried out, and as a consequence, the formation of foam, a secondary basis. The quality of rubber is defined very simply: the smaller pore size and the more of them per unit volume, the rubber tighter and better. Carpeting on the basis of foam have been popular in the 70's and 80's in Europe. Explanation of this fact can be found by reading the benefits and disadvantages of this type of foundation.

Advantages. Additional sound and heat insulation, the feeling of softness and comfort even at low altitude nap and density padding. Conservation of linear dimensions for wet cleaning. Snug fit carpet to the floor and as a consequence, the lack of lines and wrinkles on the surface.