The Cities

The body of the bourgeois would be the responsible one for its social identification. ' ' Must, in contrast, be seen it, from the half of century XVIII, pledged in if attributing a sexuality and constituting for itself, from it, a specific body, a body? of classroom? with a health, a hygiene, a descent, a race: autossexualizao of its proper body, incarnation of the sex in its proper body, endogamia of the sex and corpo.' ' FOULCAULT, M., 25,117 the body has of being protected of all and any possible degeneration. At no time it had a so violent development of the medicine. Here it is the reason of a movement of reurbanizao of the cities with sights to eliminate the focos of illnesses in a first instant and to segregate rich poor persons and in as. As all source of identification the production of its truths would have to be controlled in order to prevent any improper duplication – expulsion of any process of seduction. Current thought in the half academics places the economy as cerne of all social process. He was not the demonstrated one however in the development of sciences as the social medicine.

The social medicine functions before as half higienizante of a classroom (bourgeois) that way of social control (proletarian). Jonas Samuelson spoke with conviction. What obviously it does not invalidate a theory to know/to be able/social control, however in different function of something that one economic factor. ' ' It would like to take position with regard to certain generally accepted hypotheses. It is truth that the body was invested politics and socially as work force. But, what he seems characteristic of the evolution of the social medicine, that is, of the proper medicine, in the Ocidente, it is that it was not the principle as production force that the body was reached by the medical power. Official site: Electrolux. It was not the body that works, the body of the proletarian who first was assumed by the medicine.