The Nature

Our mental life is valuable and we try to have positive thoughts, however, we are not thoughts, our true identity is not found in the nature of thoughts or mental life. Thoughts go and come, can be optimistic or pessimistic, but regardless of this being always remains what is. Additional information at Caterpillar supports this article. Education and spirituality I think up to this point we can have a little more clear the because we decided to first speak of spirituality. Spirituality has no owner, does not belong to any church, guru, or book. When spirituality is conceived as religious product with owner, obscures their enormous significance. Spirituality as essential nature of the human being is the basis of all genuine education 5. We can have an understanding more clear when we define what can actually be or mean the concept of spirituality, although that take us a drafting much deeper which aims to this writing, for that single reason will be simple forms of representing the espiritualidad10: human values in education have been treated extensively, but have also sought in the wrong form. Has encouraged the student to make it competitive, successful, disciplinary, ambitious, aggressive, etc.

All compatible with the society values scientific/industrial predatory, no way those behaviors can be considered as genuine human values, these can only come from a spiritual foundation. Spiritual consciousness 6 one nature, contains all the natures, a mere existence completely includes all stocks, a single Moon reflects in all waters, all the reflections of the moon on the water comes from a single moon.Yoka Daishi. New forms of life (styles), the rush, the restructuring faced by our societies, the loss of values, the commercialization, industrialization, etc.; they are very marked phenomena that we are living in this new century. That makes us reflect, and see the need that we have a new awareness, with a view of totality, integrity and spirituality, applied to all aspects of our lives.