The New

In mine you always doubt I appealed to the colleagues and my Leonice sister to who I have great admiration and respect. My first year was one year of fear not to give account of the group, to miss, to lose pupil. But thanks to God this was alone a start so that to each day I was learning with my errors, and from there for ahead he has been alone victories in my life. Last year I together with more four colleagues deliver to one turminha of 2 period who today are shining thanks to our will to teach and to our teeny ones in learning. Beginning of this year I was nomeda Managing of this same school that I arrived the new from fear. With fear to make a mistake, to lose pupils, this everything because I believed that as well as many I also win in the life with whom wise person could be successful. Our objective in this school is to develop a proposal of work in set being involved secretariat, professors parents and pupils, thus to propagate in our city an infantile education of quality. Our school today possesss 220 registered pupils regulates in the municipal net, and professional graduated/graduandos compromised with the infantile education. for all these victories in my life could not leave to thank the God for having given to forces until, my father (in memory) for to me whom taught to me here and for the life example that it was for me and my brothers, to thank my mother for the suffering that already passed in the life so that today we arrived where we arrive, my children who I love, mine loved brothers and my Ednaldo boyfriend who was a great incentivador so that today I had the courage to be here sharing a little on mine.)