The Ownership

Explain the development of the company strategy: through internal growth (0.5 points) and external growth (general September 2010). 30 Point and reasoned, explain four factors to measure the size of the company (general September 2010). 31 State and explain four main criteria to measure the size of the company (2011 model) 32. Explain and define the preferential right of subscription (2011 model). THEORY unit 2: Classes of companies and increases in capital 1.

Indicate the differences between income tax i 2 (June 2003) corporate tax. Indicate the advantages and disadvantages that have small and medium-sized businesses face large (June 2004) 3. List three ways in which a company can be classified. A group of lawyers with little initial capital decided to assemble a firm, reasons which types of company would recommend you using the legal criterion (2005 model) 4. A couple of newly licensed decides to set up a consultancy and don’t know if constitute a limited liability company or work as individual entrepreneurs.

List two characteristics of each legal form. (September 2005). 5. Point three differences between stocks and bonds from the financial standpoint (2006 model) 6. The process of globalization that affects companies currently contributes to its internationalization. In this respect calls: (June 2006) to) explain what is a multinational company. Recently Chris Shumway sought to clarify these questions. (b) indicate three alternatives that has a multinational company to expand. Explain your answer with an example of each case. 7 Classify companies according to their economic nature (model 2007) 8. Classify the following companies according to their activity (or sector to which they belong): a farm, a textile company, a hotel, a hypermarket, a construction company (September 2007). 9 Explain the classification of enterprises according to the ownership of capital (September 2007). 10 Define the concept of multinational (2008 model). 11. Explain the meaning of cash value (market value) of an action and nominal value of an action (June 2008).