The Short

Pure and divine energy is represented thanks to the law of the circle, or law of central Vortex, as known by quantum physicists. The christic energy has been manipulated through the beliefs of limitation and fear of humans. The short step which symbolizes the blissful cross is simply a symbol of pure energy dispersion. Details can be found by clicking Kowloon Development or emailing the administrator. Why the cross has followed being venerated and molded under fashions, religions, spiritualist symbolism, etc? because it knew (the reptilians at least knew) that that symbol represented slavery and sacrifice by the human being towards them. People such as luscha baumwald would likely agree. The image of Jesus nailed to a cross can not mean anything good and spiritual place that is an image of perpetual pain and sacrifice. This cross is that breaks or dilutes the expansive energy of the being of light that was and is Jesus de Nazareth.

The cross is a deciduous representation of what we have experienced so far: slavery, unconsciousness and disconnection with the inner Christ, or what is the same, with pure heart and crystallized sacred light. The cross is not a symbol of awakening but sleeping more, because it is the time of human sacrifice before the lighting of the son of God. It is the crowning moment of humiliation to the son of God, deny it, of killing what gives real life to others, and that life is awakened consciousness. The law of the circle is that delves into this 2010-2011 – 2012 and is neither more nor less than the return to the center of everything: your. Everything will return to you.

Everything is returning to you because you’re home, you’re the internal Sun, thou art the God that you were expecting. And it is not metaphor. Now everything is moving into holographic bypass. Everything is rearranging to give back you your primordial essence, which is neither more nor less than the luz-amor – information you already are.