The Social

What are the social causes of credit card debt? You can spend years analyzing the problem of credit card debt. a Those are just some of the influences at work in the society around them: 1. Credit card interest rates are high, so profits can be high. The banks and credit card issuers are another after their slice of that money, including yours. Therefore justify big marketing budgets to get their money. I deliberately did not say "to their business." You will resist better if you think that "it is my money." 2. It's easy to get credit cards, multiple credit cards, in fact. The issuers of credit cards make it easy for you, if you have not had debt problems in the past.

If it seems to take lightly, it is understandable that their customers do too. But remember, taking risk factors into account when setting interest rates. So are so high. 3. Your friends, neighbors and co-workers is likely that all have multiple credit cards, talk about them and flash around once in a while.

That all may influence your own attitude to credit card debt. 4. Depending on which country you are in yours may be a "now, pay later" society. Instant gratification can prevail over common sense. If everybody is doing it, surely must be true? Incorrect. Especially if interest rates are too high. 5. Do you see other people buy new furniture, go on exotic vacations, or go to expensive restaurants all the time.