The World

The purpose of the data is to make an analogy of the diverse speeches, however presented for the authors mentioned during the production of this work, as well as these untiring educators who search through its fights an education of quality. Of this form, it was questioned, Which would be the direction of the pertaining to school education today? In the current days the education is seen as a common good, a necessity, and as we can say, ' ' soluo' ' for all the problems. ' ' You can see in the campaigns politics, enter the parents and professors, all they you have speech the same, in saying, that the education goes to save the world, that it goes to improve the Brasil.' ' One gives credit that having more schools, professors education of better quality, will not have violence, will have little problems with security. If it thinks education alone about the instrumental, material direction, to have more schools, more professors. This account also, but is not everything.

Education is not supplied school as if the family thinks. It is in the scope of the exercise of the citizenship of the people. (Teacher 1) the education lives a moment of many new features in the world of the contemporaneidade and the school as well as the professor had not yet been attempted against for this. One expects very of the government and if it wants everything soon. Many inside reproduce this of the classroom, even so not generalizing. The educators, today need to search information, to be on the inside of the technologies. the schools already count on computers, access to the Internet and other resources that are available to the professor. What it needs is to use to advantage all the moments so that they can really develop an education contemporary and not a traditional education, without quality as if it sees in many of our schools.