At the present time, where there is mistrust in stock markets, with a financial picture of lack of liquidity, with insecurity if my savings are stashed, weakness in currencies, economic recession, of asustantes unemployment rates, in records of regulation, bankruptcy of banks, of not understanding of the market, fear, insecurity, of approval of State measures on an urgent basismany investors are who decide to take refuge in gold and precious stones. Proof of this is the auction which will take place on 10 December by Christie s where will go on auction a Mongolian diamond of India origin and which was given her as a wedding gift to the Infanta Maria Teresa, daughter of Felipe IV, with Leopoldo de Austria. Who also looks in the box of Velazquez las Meninas. It is difficult to put a price on this gem, because value history must unite the rarity of color, making it virtually a unique jewel and without forgetting the 35.56 carats of weight. Experts predict that this diamond Wittelsbach will exceed 11 million euros. Another test that investors take refuge in precious metals, is the spectacular rise that is experiencing especially the gold and the silver.