Venture Fund

From the experts you receive primary information by which you have built up an opinion about your future business. Here, the idea is ready, the experts discussed all the idea met with positive reviews, more. Next we go to our clients, but do not go empty-handed. We draw up a questionnaire in which your future customers to leave reviews of your product chain, and analyze the feedback received in the presence of a positive decision we go further. That is a further minute. As we get feedback on the non-existent commodity in future customers, so do not know if this is your business and you decide who your customers are and how and what questions to approach them, there is only one advice, do not rush to think everything through and forward, let you nothing stops, you are a businessman, you must yourself believe in the feasibility of your idea and have a good motivation. Business takes a lot of effort, and you need to go this route, gathering the will of a fist.

We also need to analyze administrative situation in our future market, as the city administration would react to your business. There are plenty of examples of successful businessmen, spoiv half the population of the small town of cheap vodka, received letter from the city administration for contributing to the development of the area. Well, ethno our mentality, but you keep in mind that you will be working with this mentality in the future. Administrative barriers we do not, then consider who is the patron of your business, so I gently told the patron, even then you understand who I'm, here are the main risks, without protection you can not do, is ce la Vie. Further, most importantly, money. Yes, money is already fed up write financial flows, Kash Flo, nal, non-cash payment, the money supply. Funding for this project, where to get money and have to take probably more than once.

As practice shows, starting a business really difficult time, and lack of money leads to re-embark in search of funding. We have several ways for each of them talk more later. Own savings – fast finish, credit funds – it's good only important point, as to give, to give the share of the enterprise – not good at interest – is better. Where to get money? Good question. In the next article we will go into a venture fund, we have the same innovative business, so we need Venture Fund, will reflect all aspects of the course, and then descend to the bank and private owners to turn. Until next time!