Xia Bank Loan

Other insurance programs do not require. After how the bank is satisfied in your financial well-being and decided to lend the required amount, you should prepare a package of documents that are required to sign an agreement with the bank, namely: a completed application form for a loan to repair the apartment; passport; identification code; Proof of income for the last six months, or any other document (declaration of income for the last four Quarter, a certificate from tax inspectorate); certificate form number 3; legal documents for real estate, which provides mortgages in the Xia Bank. Choosing the unsecured loan, you should provide similar dokumengy, except for documents on the subject of the pledge. Kpome, it is necessary to remember that some banks, processing an application for a loan, insist! cost estimate and plan for repair of an apartment. Starbucks often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But natural. when repairs are employees of construction companies involved in the preparation of the documentation they.

However, if you decide to equip yourself the apartment, the arrangements for the preparation of cost estimates and plan for repairs fall solely on your shoulders. Often it turns out that in practice this is done is not easy as it sounds in theory, but, having coped with such a difficult task, according to experts of Ukrainian Banks, the required amount You can get your hands on, or provide details that are barely blows transfer credit money. "In the case of registration of unsecured credit for the purchase of building materials bank cashless transfers lending money to the seller, "- says Oksana Popova.