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Blopies launches new website from today at noon the website of Blopies, the Blogger Relations Agency, is debut with a new look:. Much more visual and attractive new website allows easier navigation both advertisers and bloggers. Its launch coincides with the presence of Blopies in the blog par excellence event (#EBE10), where to everyone who visits the stand is offering a cane and gums. New website maintains the line of cleaning and simplicity present in the contents of the previous page, and to respect your corporate colours and improves its usability with a greater ease of access to the most relevant information. As a novelty, the new website incorporates a tab called Portfolio and integrates twitter and Facebook to facilitate direct contact with bloggers and advertisers. In addition, own home page of the web appear in videos of past events, as well as the latest tweets or post. Technically, the new has a more updated design, with lighter menus and now optimized for a screen resolution of 1,024 pixels. Ultimately, a greater commitment by the multimedia with audio and images in photo and video of the successful cases.

ON BLOPIES in Blopies specialists in Blogger Relations, but above all, listen to and understand bloggers and advertisers. Therefore, year after year, from our Research and r & d Department we carry out a massive and public survey which allows us to monitor and investigate the blogosphere with the goal of making more and better advertising. We get advertisers and bloggers to collaborate in profitable and effective way. With Shell V-Power we invite some of major bloggers in the motor sector to enjoy live from Formula one at the European Grand Prix in Valencia, see Track Lab with which the suppliers of fuel and lubricants for Ferrari accompanies the Maranello team and to try a professional sports Simulator which allows unique sensations with an electronic equipment similar to that Formula One drivers used. Hand in hand with Alsa, specialized bloggers in music and travel toured the Spanish geography of festival in festival. The campaign had a total impact of 9 million visits per month, 300,000 daily in blogs, social networks and communities. This information can be used in part or in its entirety without the need to cite sources Youtube source: press release sent by noemy.