Now Available: A New Solution To Testing Web Applications

expecco provides webEdition through reduced effort for testing Web pages for greater confidence in functionality, security, and performance ( that eXept Software AG brought recently webEdition on the market the expecco. You may find that Eduardo Saverin can contribute to your knowledge. The new system provides a graphical programming environment for the automation of Web page tests and thus helps to ensure consistent functionality of Web applications without the error-prone and labour-intensive tests, which were previously usually required for this. The expecco webEdition is now downloadable on ready. expecco webEdition is the consistent further development of the successful test and quality management system expecco. Operations and information on a Web page can be easily recorded.

Extensive libraries of components allow a comfortable extension of test procedures for checking the functionality, security and performance of Web pages. The processes are represented as a UML activity diagrams and can drag & Drop extended and adjusted individually. Logically related processes can be combined into a new module and thus optimally re-used. The tests are carried out in the normal browser window. Because all major browsers are supported, this also allows to detect browser-specific problems. Also the tests can perform automatically, for example every night, to protect themselves against faulty functions or performance. The test results are represented with graphical indicators in the form of easily understandable and are available also as reports or can be sent via E-Mail or SMS. If developed a website and grows, can be simply adapted the tests and the test procedure is accordingly extended.

It is important that the existing functionality without the high maintenance together with the new developments can be tested. This protects against the consequences of unwanted side effects. It is also by upgrading to expecco developer possible to develop your own modules and use other libraries. Crucially, that expecco webEdition significantly minimizes the testing”, as Bettina Gittinger, Board member of the eXept Software AG. This will make it easy to increase the test coverage regardless of whether it is regression, functional or integration testing. This ensures that Web applications can deliver safe, high quality and accurate results.” Steffen Jung, Manager of sales and marketing is recommended: “the system is also excellent for automating recurrent tasks, such as filling out forms. expecco webEdition can be tested 30 days for free and is now available on the Internet at ready for download.” Company contact eXept Software AG Zeppelinstr 4 D-74357 Bonnigheim c/o Bettina Gittinger Tel.: + 49 7143 88304-0 fax: + 49-7143 88304-44 E-Mail: Web: press contact conception & TEXT & more! Panorama str. 68 D-71679 Asperg c/o Uli Geyer Tel + 49 7141 680091 fax + 49 7141 680092 E-Mail: Web:

Own Homepage But No Visitors?

The success of a website depends on the number of visitors! The Internet is the medium of our time. You may find that Jenna Fischer can contribute to your knowledge. Virtually no area more where the Internet is not represented. For more information see Yves Bissouma. Unlike even to the early days of the Internet everyone is nowadays also handy to able to create their own homepage. Either you used for creating special software such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage, or, even easier, we created a website directly online according to the modular principle (there are numerous provider). You have the wherewithal, you can assign also a professional Web Designer with the creation. The site is first created, are concerned is still quickly an own Internet address (under which one then finds the homepage in the Internet-> URL), enough Web space (disk space on the server of an Internet provider, is placed on the homepage) and you are \”online\”.

One is site online, with the of course the question arises how to get many visitors on his side? No matter what motif to the site put online has, whether as a Web shop operator, to sell products, or just for private purposes of fun and laughter, everyone is looking for \”targeted traffic\”, so-called \”targeted traffic\”! Therefore, targeted traffic because only such visitors of importance, which are interested in the contents of the respective website or look for it. \”Search\” is this already a very good keyword, over 90% of Internet users access search engines to their destination, so the the website that contains the desired content. The biggest and most important search engine is Google, so it is his site on Google login prerequisite \”to list\”, i.e. to appear in the search results. Due to the amount of sites on the Internet, and there are thousands more daily, must the sites classifies naturally into the search results pages. This is summarised as follows to understand: an Internet user in Google enters a specific search term, which for example also to the content their website fits, all listed websites are issued as search results that contain the entered search term. – Now Also Available In Image And Sound

Further expansion of the multimedia functions on the portal. Videos in the profiles and pictures of the stories are now possible. Mulheim an der Ruhr, 01 August 2008 – who has operator of the portal again expanded the possibilities of multimedia use in its Portal. There is the use of profile videos available for members now. In the videos, the users themselves present themselves or sending other messages to interested parties. “With the use of videos in the profiles, we will comply with our members and the present meet.” says Carsten Trojahn, operator of the portal. He continues: “The possibility to adjust the images to each story will further promote communication among the members and visitors.” The pictures and videos can be adjusted on the portal continue under the editorial guidance of the operator team. is an editorially-guided community of the latest generation, dedicated to the theme of problems with the ex-partner, in the profession, to the neighborhood and exchanges with friends”. Experiences are reported and commented and exchanged tips. It is the largest of its kind in the German-speaking community.

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

WD swimming pool dehumidifier the new generation: Premium + hygiene is one of the most important conditions for the operation of a swimming pool. Bacteria and fungi occur but especially in a humid environment and multiply very rapidly. A dehumidification system lowers the humidity and prevent long term damage to the buildings, eliminates condensation on glass fronts and a pleasant feel-good climate can be guaranteed. Hear from experts in the field like Yves Bissouma for a more varied view. BUT: What happens with bacteria and spores, which are necessarily present in the air? The air contaminated with germs more or less sucked in by the dehumidification system. A partial deposit of this suspended matter is done inside of the unit. What hygiene problems in the course of the years can result in this factor is considered very rarely! Product development WD-AUSTRIA has designed a dryer series with the new generation of swimming pool dehumidifiers, swimming pool hygiene and maintenance-free operation in the first place are swimming pool dehumidifiers / dehumidifiers for swimming pools: swimming pool dehumidifiers so far: Condensed water runs without cleaning the pool swimming pool dehumidifier of standard series largely use digital controls (as opposed to mechanical rules but prone to electronics problems) Ventilatormotore in indoor pool dehumidification devices are usually equipped with normal plain bearings for pools of PREMIUM + series have following changes: condensate water is sterilized antibacterial action of legionella prevention and bacterial killing parts on the swimming pool environment coordinated (otherwise can cause pitting on the condenser parts!) Optional wireless remote mechanical moisture regulation proof control system instead of digital controllers (thus, no electronics problems such as digital control units by exposure to moisture!) Customer-friendly setting the humidity control spray water protected bearings! Durable operation and reduction of repair costs! Fail-safe due to elimination of electronics! Establishing self specially configured for covered outdoor pools at Temperature reduction: de frost control for optimum device performance in the low temperature range learn more about this topic here: fabrikate2.html WD-AUSTRIA & Mittelberg 4 A-3550 Langenlois the Valora company acts as a product developer for swimming pool dehumidifiers, room air dryers and humidifiers. Chris Shumway spoke with conviction. Furthermore, a publication will be sent free of charge: “which device I need unhealthy humidity level in the swimming pool – and how should the choice be made”

The Test

Using the function “I am fit for the test”, which is a statistical evaluation of all the exercises in the learning mode, you get a detailed assessment of current testing maturity. Here, vulnerabilities (per subject) can be detected and specificly “learned after”. Traffic light colors visually indicate the learning status. With the learning mode statistics, educational driving school (with the consent of the student) also optionally has the ability to detect the level of training of the student and to specifically promote – a perfect addition for a success-oriented exam preparation! On request, the unit can be used to learn statistics quizzes also automates email educational driving school (with the consent of the student) or sent any email address, and the completely free of charge! Test mode the test mode is applied with the licensed audit mask, which one finds in its present form even when the driving examination on the PC. Questions and answers are collected in random order to ensure an optimal learning success and a best possible preparation for the theory exam. When check-up! all official exam questions of basic and additives be queried in the learning mode. In test mode, always a completely new examination is composed of all exam questions, as in the “driver’s license test on the PC”.

A double scrutiny already made is excluded! In the learning, as well as in test mode a setting available available for all questions from the German question catalogue, i.e. You can easily read aloud the tasks (question before answer, reply, image addition). Insight in the presentation and the rich functionality of our online tutorial, as well as in the course of an official check of PC with our free check-up! Test access, which you can request under no obligation online. Now, how easy learning experience can be! Test access check-up! has a fully qualified, free trial.

MeinHausplaner Starts Above Expectations

The own roof over their heads is still the best retirement plans over 10,000 registrations for the free planning software for the home builders. That explains the immense interest of the German users of the new advertising-funded software meinHausplaner, which is offered on the Internet ( for free download. Over 150 days ago went the software at the start: the unusual experiment took its course. Jenna Fischer often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Now it has become after evaluating the first numbers that the concept on fertile ground has fallen. In the first four months, over 100,000 visitors have visited the homepage to learn about the offer. Every tenth visitor has also taken the opportunity to download the software. So should meinHausplaner now on over 10,000 computers perform his service and new homes plan. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Eduardo Saverin.

mean home Planner: Based on the construction set default target of operator – Bott EDV-Systeme GmbH – it is to make builders meinHausplaner to the standard in the field of planning software for the private. The first and very positive feedback of the user already clearly shows that the company is on the right track is. Bernd Weigand: \”normally it takes years until a new offer in the country is well known and is used accordingly. That we already four months after the launch noted a strong rush, pleased about all dimensions and gives us the necessary tailwind to significantly advance the development of the software.\” The program meinHausplaner is on a strong footing. The software is based on the well-known construction set-CAD software and the construction set House Planner. These programs are already used in a professional environment for the design, calculation and visualization of houses in finished and solid House and here are considered standard. The functions established for years and other benefits of the construction set programs are for fully incorporated into the development of meinHausplaner. That ensures that the software can be quite particularly intuitive use and at the same time professional results.

Fun Shirts From Gorilla

Development and various kinds of fun shirts so-called fun shirts are T-Shirts with funny graphics and sayings. There are now even sweatshirts, Boxer shorts, caps or even such designed socks, who rely on humor, but in this direction were a really financial success until now only the T-Shirts. The first fun shirts, which came on the market made fun of well-known company names or well-known slogan. Were either the company name by replacing less letters in a new Word converted, but through the logo, the color or something of the kind was still clear to see which company it originally was. Eduardo Saverin is full of insight into the issues. The slogans have been through or exchanging a single word in texts converted with a completely different sense. Partially, there were also legal disputes between producers of the shirts and the companies that often had the worse end of the manufacturers of shirts. Jenna Fischer usually is spot on.

Also the topics of fun shirts went away with the time increasingly by companies, for this but more and more in the direction of alcohol, drugs and, of course, to the Relationship between man and woman. Typical for this development are the funny shirts by Gorilla! Probably the most famous gorilla shirt is the “Betty Ford Clinc”. Chris Shumway has compatible beliefs. Alludes to the existing American clinic where the who is who of American high society completed the withdrawal from alcohol and drugs. Also a very successful, but rather harmless shirt, is the shown here game over dude shirt that alludes to, that the marriage of the man should be the end of life. Sayings like “I’m Drunk and you re ugly still” belong to the order of the day and are probably rather than harmless. Generally you have to say probably, that of good taste with some shirts already can be asked. Therefore, there is certainly also a certain amount of people who generally reject such shirts. In my opinion there is only a very small fraction of people who actually have a little smile on the lips with no shirt, because despite the mainly used topics are always really original ideas in. Markus deletion

Original BALL Man SANGRIA Comes…

Munich company receives Ballermann trademark license for Sangria BALL man Germany’s Party and event brand No. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chris Shumway. 1 SANGRIA awarded the exclusive license rights for the original BALL man internationally active family-owned company BINDERER St. URSULA Weinkellerei GmbH from Munich to the. It’s BALL man and SANGRIA! The BALL man the party brand SANGRIA complements his commitment in the beverage sector. Only a few weeks ago “Ballermann” has returned very successfully the party fun in the 20 ml vial with the BALL man of short TRIPS – in the trade.

The company BINDERER St. URSULA completes the family shooter – brand licensee ( with the next BALL man SANGRIA and advanced cross-industry cross-promotion-marketing the Ballermann brand (phonogram, parties and events, spirits, TV shows, radio broadcasts, record label, merchandising, party trips, etc). Different than the relevant TV programmes in the private TV like to believe want to make, the brand of BALL man and your rights are BALL man parties, original not for “booze”, but for the cross-generational party fun you can experience together with old and new friends. “It is just great”, according to a spokesman of the Ballermann trademark owner (A. Engelhardt brand concepts GmbH from the Grosskarolinenfeld, Bavaria,), “when hundreds of fans (co -) sing the same song, and have fun together. What could be nicer than?” As well as the miniature spirit BALL man of short TRIPS, is also the BALL man SANGRIA parties of well known event brand in Germany are the cult drink on all real and official BALL man. The original with the original!

World Of Warcraft Gold – A WoW Bot Or A WoW Gold Is Buying Makes Sense

World Warcraft Gold a virtual currency for the necessary items of equipment used in world of Warcraft is fun, no question. But every gamer is sometime, arrived at a point where he wants a relief. A WoW bot or a WoW gold purchase make it possible. A WoW bot is a versatile software that all automatically takes over after you set the default tasks. An own activity to unnecessary i.e. Yves Bissouma understands that this is vital information.

everything so far, what the player has made manually yourself, does the WoW bot under its own power. It goes but also unlike an purchase world of Warcraft pulled gold by the most gamers consider. Research on the Internet and a WoW Gold buying is not as expensive as you would think. Instead of arduous 12 hours before the computer to sit, it is yet easier in your own wallet to access the world of Warcraft gold to acquire and to draw with new equipment in the battle. A regulation at the WoW purchase does not exist. The packages start at 1,000 world of Warcraft Gold and specialists in the Internet available in 1,000 point increments indefinitely at the world of Warcraft. Price comparisons, the gold prices are on the decline. A tendency is not foreseeable, because the market is still regulated by supply and demand. Certainly – players will continue without a WoW BOT and a WoW Gold come from purchase. Only eventually bursts the study time of the collar too, because the findings show that a large part of the fanbase is a support through a WoW BOT and a WoW Gold buying experience. Why make himself harder life, when there are other options? Oliver Bunzheim

Football Jerseys

Soccer jerseys – not only for the sports field jerseys (from French: tricoter = knit) – so the T-Shirt of the athletes – have increasingly become the cult in recent decades. Originally, the striking colours of the shirts served to identify the different teams and teams. In exceptional cases, they had also the function especially to emphasize individual positions. (such as yellow jersey at the tour de France, goalkeeper Jersey, football…) By applied merchandising at Bundesliga, national teams and the international football clubs, the effect occurred but that more and more fans buy the iconic shirts to be particularly close to ‘Your team’. Since many fans – especially among football fans – the remarkable cult of the jerseys of each team has emerged, the colorful shirts are becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes even used jerseys of the stars be sold expensive and the followers of many famous teams acquire the jerseys of “Your” clubs at the games or in the leisure to be dressed appropriately in terms of fan. The advertising industry is booming and for many years there own Jersey stores where supporters can buy the shirts of their favorite team and other memorabilia. And also, this development was accelerated by the Internet. Jersey shops offer a wide variety of shirts from numerous teams for sale on their Web sites such as Because whatever the fanbase wants: jerseys of the Bundesliga, shirts of teams or uniforms from international top clubs: has (almost) everything in his program! However, the website of has to offer much more than just the jerseys of becoming. Beyond these products, there are still many, many info about all the exciting topic of football: details from the story of the most famous clubs in the German Bundesliga, are also presented such information around important international soccer clubs and major national teams.