Next Month

But secondly, increasing your income and it is also important, always remember – why you started doing business. But the main thing still is not money You like sports? Commanding views Sports? So, this month you will either become a captain of his team or not, but of course you decide! One thing I will say – by this stage depends on everything! 5-th month! 'MONTH BREAK' What does this mean? It's very simple, your team starts actually earn herself and bring a lot of points you Many people become self-reliant and relationships with them to show to the next level, this is not the newcomers, who tormented you questions, it's already people with ambitions and opinions based on the results, but it is expensive and respect their position and include in their success Keep them, but in new ways, focusing them on what their teams have people who need help to grow and develop 6-th month! 'MONTH duplication' If you do everything correctly, at the 7 th month of may for a couple of weeks to go to the sea and relax as it should, thank yourself for the last six months, to think about new ideas that you can to share with my team but it all then, and now This month is important because you're creating leaders, that is totally self-sufficient people who are on you in no way depends, but they are on your team, for this I love our business, unless not perfect – to help people be self-sufficient in life, but still earn at the same time! That there is a duplication of in my understanding? This repetition, copying. .

Giancarlo Ragutstsoni

The Italian company Motovario Spa, one of the most famous manufacturers gearbox technology in the world, was founded by Giancarlo Ragutstsoni (Giancarlo Raguzzoni) in 1965. History knows not a lot of examples where a small family business grew to the level of a global player and begin to determine the rules of the game for entire segments of the market. The company's success Motovario – one of them. Manufacture gear for Giancarlo Ragutstsoni, owner of several large vineyards and wineries, was initially non-core business. As often happens in life, all decided the case – two consecutive seasons in the season of the grape harvest Ragutstsoni company suffered losses due to equipment breakdowns. Installation spare parts and repairs by outside contractors taking too much time and cost is quite expensive. Therefore, at the first opportunity was acquired by the repairer and hired qualified engineers and repairmen. After the refurbishment and installation of new machines technical problems of its own economy have been solved and Ragutstsoni considered economically feasible to begin to provide specialized services to neighboring enterprises – agricultural cooperatives, dairy and production of ceramic tiles.

Motovario Group now owns 5 plants with a total area of about 60000kv.m worldwide. Key Production facilities are located in (Formi-gine) and Fiorano Modenese (FioranoModenese), in the province of Modena Emilia-Romagna (Emilia-Romagna). In the surroundings of Modena and plants are world-renowned car manufacturers-Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, De Tomaso and Lamborghini. General Emilia-Romagna region – one of the most industrialized regions of Italy. Here, large enterprises are concentrated light, food, construction, furniture, automotive and other industries, as well as a number of major research centers, including the oldest universities in Europe in Bologna and Parma.

Prague Firm

It happens that the company is willing to purchase or consume an existing entity with lack of activity. This option is considered more exclusive than permanent. In all three versions of the current leadership of the firm receives the additional costs of liquidation. Note that the passage of procedure might completely in the absence of active promoters and directors by completing any necessary powers of attorney notarized. Provided that the founders will be able to attend in person, the procedure for second option is accelerated, in other embodiments, the presence of the current leadership of the Czech Republic does not alter the firm's timing and amount of costs. In our practical experience renewal entities Czech Republic, the owners of the object Property in Czech Republic. In this case, the new founders are the owners not only to firms in the Czech Republic, but also real estate, which is written on this company. In this embodiment, gain operating the founders of the firm, since change of ownership of real estate firms, they avoid paying tax on the sale of the property in the Czech Republic.

Existing mortgages on real estate in the Czech Republic and issued by the company with foreign partners and in no way prevent its re-registration. Data on new firm founders will be transferred to a bank lender and the agreement will be signed mortgages with new principals. In this scheme, and subject to renewal of existing business Czech Republic, for example, re-registration, along with the company restaurant, beauty salon, shop or any other concern. In this case, all valid licenses issued by the firm for doing business, keep their force, and the new founders continue to do business in the Czech Republic on existing licenses. Lawyers and notaries who work in "Prague Lion providing their services in Prague quickly and professionally prepared to deliver customers from obligations throughout the Czech Republic. Cancelled immigration to the Czech Republic in its completion should be lawful for any alien liquidation of personal commitments to the Czech Republic before the laws of the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic before the state authorities, primarily for the tranquility of the foreigner and for further movement in Europe.