The dream alone finishes when all the attempts of its life to finish, and will not be with alive you! To give up for the difficulty will only make to feed its bitterness, no condition imposed for the world its return must hinder definitively its choices Believes its instincts and listens to its voice, that one that more than nobody can hear. The prudence is part since that it is folloied with doses of courage and audacity. The fear not to try always causes insatisfao and discredit with you yourselves, however the attempt that gave wrong will bring experience and emotion, mixtures of reason with heart. All the great men and women of history had been defective, audacious, destemidos or only, they had tried. If everything comes to its time, why not to create our proper clock, makes to function the hand of the minutes of its possibilities and of the seconds of the dreams that had almost given certain, and if not to give, patience, until the next one. To dream waked up will be very better that to make its life to adormecer.