Time Management

Two basic approaches of time management. Business daily life does not allow the inefficient use of time. After all in a day only 24 hours, and have a lot to catch: to go to work, with family to spend time, you also need to remember beloved friends, to find the time their own health – go to a fitness club or go out of town on a fishing trip. It's all right, but you must still deal with careers, or they build their business in order to be able to improve their lives, get more money. For 24 hours to do – simply impossible.

To this end, our contemporaries are implemented in life science such as time management person (businessman). Time Management RIGHTS – enough new, which allows to learn to successfully perform the important work in order to keep up and make a career (to build your business) and spend time on family, friends, sports, recreation. Time management in life – a very useful science, but it need to understand to make an effort to use it daily in a dynamic life. In this article I will share with you just two basic components of success in life and business, which, in principle, may well replace the whole science time management. The first method is much brings you closer to success – it's the principle of Pareto. Pareto Law says that twenty percent of your actions generate as much as 80% of success in your life. All the other things that You do in life (80%) or lead you to any good results. These unnecessary things just take your time in a very active life.

Twenty percent of all of your affairs – is the most important things in life. As a rule, All of us have only the 3 most important things in life, and if you do these things every day – something relatively quickly succeed. 2 method of self-improvement and time management – it's Parkinson's Law. Parkinson's Law suggests that any job is spent as much time as you took it. Ie the day you can do just one thing (if you plan to run all day long). Or you can do 10 cases or more – in fact If exactly planned to perform a specific time of each case. If you become used daily in their lives these two effective methods that increase your efficiency, you will notice that your business grows.


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Argan Oil

Depends where you buy your argan oil many times on that which of the two types of argan oil choice of cosmetic or culinary use, some sites specialize in one or another, although there are sites that sell both. Were to however you ask you what is the difference between the two types? Does not serve me one to two things?, the difference although it sounds small, has big repercussions and understand it you must know a little about the process of extraction of argan oil. Normally the fruit of the argan tree is first collected and is put to dry for a week or more, and then pulping, case of culinary argan oil seeds are toasted, opens and are extruded pipes which are milled in a rudimentary mill, in the case of argan oil cosmetics are opened and are milled pipes without toasting the argan seedthe next step is to wait for it to dry a bit and balls of this dough are formed and allowed to sit for a week, after that time are squeezed and removed the miraculous elixir of youth, better known as argan oil, 100 kg of ripe fruits are used to extract a litre of argan oil. Given that cosmetic argan oil is extracted in cold, maintains all its properties intact to making these are absorbed more easily into the skin and obtaining excellent results in a short time, however not to toast the seeds does not acquire good taste that acquires culinary argan oil, but still excellent for use on skinon the contrary use culinary argan oil has very good flavor and aroma, but although well absorbed in tissues, to having been toasted does not have the same benefits in skin, hair and nails that cosmetic use, but to be ingested, the stomach and the intestine mainly absorb all properties that remain and helps a myriad of ailments ranging from high blood pressure, the high cholesterol to the prevention and combat of some forms of cancer. For this reason until you look where buy oil of argan, you decide what benefits you want to obtain and decide the type of oil that will help you to make your goals. If decide to buy both, with only a spoonful of culinary argan oil every day, preferably in fasting enough so that you can take advantage of all of its properties that are many, or you can dress your salads and meals with this oil that will give a unique flavour to your food, just remember never heat it, because this will completely lose its properties. Cosmetic argan oil, can use you in the care of your whole body, in hair after swimming applies a small amount and very well distribute it all over your hair, your skin with a few drops spread with circular massage and tapping a few gently to encourage its absorption and nails apply a dropYou can combine it with lemon 1: 1 for greater efficiency, never abuses of argan oil or you will lose its wonderful benefits and instead get a hair or skin fat. Would you like to know more about the benefits of cosmetic argan oil? Continue reading my articles and find out where buy good quality argan oil.

Daily Money

He thought about this day, I thought the night. Believed, understood that not enough experienced, I was searching for someone to intercept. No, no, he did not have anything currently trying not to deny, that's just a thought, not related in any way with the money, it almost did not attend. Having been on the advance to "pay", he seemed a little puppy, wagging tail, waiting for the owner would give him a bone because he meekly following orders during the previous two weeks. He gleefully crossed out his days in the calendar, bringing yourself to a happy minute, which comes from 2 once a month. All the talk about came down to the fact that nonhumans who live up there, absolutely no understanding of what we face down here, that they are good there, because we badly and how unfair the world is. At this cost would stop an ordinary story about ordinary person, so very often But what if would have happened otherwise? If at one point in our hero awoke to the desire to act? What if this inner fire forced him to move and look for opportunities? What if he believed in his strength and began to climb up? A similar story came to us via email, course author of the letter is not so clearly stated its history, but the idea the idea that we are not here in order to exist, but in order to live, to imbue them with a letter. So, our hero began to act.

After trying seemingly every opportunity he has been discouraged, but not to act stopped. The one who searches finds, and threw the fate of our hero a new opportunity. What can it realize its potential, to fill life with meaning and pull it from the daily routine. What seemed to him nonsense, it became bring money. An area of knowledge, of which until recently he really knew nothing, was his strong point. Executing orders, developing their designs, he started slowly climb up, stepping from step to step, he rose from his knees to his feet, felt free and confident in its future. He stopped working, he began to earn! You probably think this is all a fairy tale, it's not about us and not for us. Take a look around, think about it: this Do you like and what awaits you in five years or ten? Which category of society Do you consider yourself? Do you need money? It's time to change my life – it's time to act!


We can also find us with the blades to through different shades, ranging from a purely analytical reading to another reading in its entirety that is purely sensory, perceptive. Arcana allow us to externalize issues that sometimes we had could not emerge until that moment, but the best that proposes the mallet, in question, is that does not leave us with these data in solitude, but it also allows us to find a guide, a Word, a way that will serve as guardian on those issues that afflict us and/or concern through his reading. It allows us to reflect. It makes us feel more secure about the vision that we cannot have a situation in particular. Is this so wonderful that you have this harness, allows us to read our history, not only what we want to read, giving us the possibility to find us with our story, and gives us the opportunity to generate new sequences to go ahead. Finally, what we do to find us with a deck of tarot is find a sense, something that currently help us to unravel the schemes that seem immovable, we believe that We are bonded and without leakage. Well, we are always on time to change what hurts us, and a good start would be to start by appropriating the prayers that make up our history, our myth and take charge of our role as Heroes of the same. I invite you encounter with a tarot deck and check it by yourself. If you interested the article I propose to continue reading my blog reading unique myths: original author and source of the article


Excessive sweating? you want to know the secret formula to eliminate it permanently. Are you tired of having a terrible problem of sweating? looking to feel safer and less shy to control your sweating problem? Learn how to use natural methods of quickly and easily to stop sweating? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then here is the ultimate solution. <! INFOLINKS_OFF > <! /lens_intro > does excessive sweating? solution to your problems. <! INFOLINKS_ON > excessive sweating – how to stop excessive sweating naturally suffers from excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis? If you do, you know how embarrassing that may be. You can be in the middle of an important business presentation when suddenly he realizes their hands or underarms are covered with sweat. Maybe you are sitting with their families on a holiday and the armpits moistened uncomfortable.

Or maybe always feel slight tingling of sweat.It doesn’t matter what causes everyone who experiences this wants to know how to stop sweating. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, is actually more common than it seems. what causes that it tends to vary from person to person. Some are sweating during moments of stress, especially work-related. Others find that they suffer from excessive sweating during the night. Sleeping without blankets and with a fan blowing cold air to them, not help particularly since still wakes up bathed in sweat.

Others don’t sweat until they are in heat. Many of these people are perfectly healthy but very little can be done to stop excessive sweating. How can you know if you have excessive sweating and need to find a way to stop it? Well, it’s difficult to know how much sweat is too much. The basic definition of excessive sweating is when it goes from being normal to prevent them suffering. It usually begins in the adolescence, and it usually affects the underarms, hands and feet.

Purpose Leaders

Concept is based on matching the objectives are the key decisions management made regarding incentives for the company. You must first determine the number of hierarchical levels, which will be stated goal. The possible levels may be called the level of the company as a whole, functional areas, departments and individual employees. At the collective level formulation of objectives has the advantage of simply measured by their achievements and contribution to the company's goals in general. The downside – it is unclear responsibility and indirect ability to influence individuals to achieve the objectives of the group. In practice, therefore, tend to combine individual goals with the collective. For the individual company level formulate their goals.

For the purpose of collective levels sets the company's management. As part of a balanced scorecard goal of structural units and target values describing their performance is directly removed from the card company's goals. For the purposes of individual-level negotiation process is implemented with the goals of individual employees. According to Ukrainian experts with experience training in the definition of leadership groups of managers, mostly from business customers is formed by a request for training leaders of ambitious managers. Unfortunately, many of these managers did not know the characteristics of communication within the companies that do not possess the necessary skills to manage staff.

Another factor – the crisis in which urgent to start searching for leaders who can rally the team. It may well be that in your team there is no leader, but as far as the staff is efficient, how can develop and move forward depends on whether it respected leaders with experience in personnel management and the enterprise. A good leader – a man with charisma. Most often, people are guided by it, they realize that he – the leader. These leaders are not making efforts to exhibit leadership qualities, rather, they are entitled to them with birth.

Antonio Lopez

Warns it the Mexican writer Elena Garro, who writes: … I will not ever forget his deep bass voice…. as it was assumed the melons with your resortera knife… … returning from the USSR and his face had become solemn…. Affirmation is reflected in an article coming out in the Alicante-based journal Nuestra Bandera, and patent is the total change in his poetry.

Elena, suffered the painful disease of smoking; He died of lung cancer. Maria Teresa Leon, (Logrono 1904, Madrid, 1988). A great writer’s imaginary stories and legendary novels. Lover of freedom and of Spain. He ruled the magazine with her husband Rafael Alberti October. It was relative of don Ramon Menendez Pidal(Director de la Real academia espanola en 1947-1968; y de la Real academia de la historia).

In 1970 he published memoirs of melancholy, which excellently describes the days of your life with friends, says: Miguel Hernandez became enraged, in living flesh. Walked by the margins of the Henares () wild cattle breeding () when the civil guard road. What do you do here?.() read. read?. Well we already know what thats gandul (). When asked: profession and answered: poet, makers of the order believed it a mockery and was it.(). House it arrived dead IRA that have beaten because there are classes, and him with his jacket of corduroy, its peasant face tosca has just suffered the harsh law that prevailed in the Spanish fields.After these facts Maria Teresa, is who made the flesh of p. Communist, n 120.395. when he returned to Spain already knew nothing and nobody. It was entered in a residence in Majadahonda, where he died forgotten everything victim of Alzheimer’s disease. All the women he met Miguel, except Elena Garro, and of course Josefina Manrresa, were older than him, all he sought, and got – with its charm a motherly affection.And so many other women, who met later, including Ms. Pilar Insern (who wrote letters from jail as godmother), that made him hate the unjust inequalities that society and religions since ancient times had subjected the women.By the experiences with all of them on their honeymoon; published in the newspaper South front, of which he was a director) No. 1 (21/03/37), who signed with his pseudonym Antonio Lopez.De his prose, companion of our days: < the companion of man days has led in Spain a humiliated, animal, life beaten, dying. I mean the woman born above the poor pallet of the people, in the Ashy corner of the village, on the same extension of the field.()(). I have many reasons to paste hammering against the perpetrators of the sadness of rural women of Spain: my mother has been, it is one of the victims of the female creature lordling regime. You get sick, exhausted, empequenecida by great jobs, great hardships and great injustices, she makes me demand and try with all my strength to a justice, a joy, a new life for women.()I remember my sisters when I write these words, and I remember all the Sisters of the poor. I have seen bleeding hands dear on the stones where the sheets had to regain lost whiteness >. Nothing and none has given both name to Orihuela: its universal fame due to the Poeta-Cabrero. The poet Universal Miguel Hernandez. Manuel-Roberto Leonis original Autor and source of the article.

Nuevo Juego

The new Eye & Eye puzzle game is created for those who are generally interested in online games that require decisions in which the use of logic and strategic thinking is needed. The concept of this free game looks much like the principles and the rules of the game of billiards. Echemos a brief look at the idea of this puzzle game. First of all you have a control panel that is necessary to manage targeting your goals. Your main goal is a human face located in the center of the screen is protected by different types of obstacles. To make it harder each level the player must not only static objects that are hiding our goal (for example the eyes of square shape) but also dynamic objectives as the yellow faces that appear suddenly and are going. Everytime you touch the face, that turns green, then red, and finally completely disappears from the screen. When all the faces disappear, the screen illuminates with circles of colors.

Your task is to think well and invent the best way to reach the hidden face bouncing the ball in the same way as if you were playing billiards. How you do it? Try to use your imagination and think carefully before executing shots because the number of your tests is limited according to the rules of the game. Remember that you can always go to see the results of your previous levels. Where the number of shots remaining is equal to zero, it restarts the level and try again. The game works with the left button of the mouse. The Eye & Eye puzzle game will be attractive for billiard amateurs who would like to practice the tecnnica of pocketing the ball without leaving apartment, and also for the players of online games that they like to solve the puzzle tasks based on logic to improve their skills in this regard. Original author and source of the article.


What happens by our head when we continue to maintain a relationship despite knowing for certain that we do not want? Cheating or wait to happen is one of the most humiliating for a person experiences, since it stops being oneself to become what the other wants. In fact, what is at stake is your person and your dignity. Wake up! Does not deserve. If the power of the relationship rests on the other, it is when you have to think that something is not going well. Power means not dependency, and make the other dependent on it. If your partner do without you, much more easy than your you can do it, you have to balance the question.

A healthy relationship consists of a balance in power by the members of the couple. In certain respects, each Member can have that power, since this more trained for, but it will never be King of the relationship completely. If we analyze well, an honest person would never be with someone who does not love to take advantage of certain benefits, called comfort, money, company etc. If no love from someone in a relationship, do some agreement can be negotiated? The answer is no, hope can be a bad counselor. This clear, that if a person doubts of love on the other hand, really has that feeling.

If you are still waiting for a loving resurrection, ready to respond to any situation, keep it clear, you’ve overstepped. And if thus you feel dissatisfaction in your relationship, there you have your solution, one of the members has to go. True happiness is in balance, the beginning of a new life can be hard, but should not be forgotten, that love is not everything, there are areas in life that deserve much more fundamental basis of our emotional life worthwhile, as the family. Do not hesitate! Find your own happiness. Original author and source of the article.