Chinese Silver

reaching a maximum in 26 years, from 9.7% (9.4% in July). Anticipating what the media probably say within a few weeks, We have already covered our portfolio with a commodity which rises strongly when there is uncertainty in the stock markets. Stimulus in the US will manage to bring down the dollar to the extent that Federal Reserve does not arrive on time or in the right way to sterilize as much money supply. The fate of the dollar is very probably downward, and when this happens, the Golden flies. This is anticipating that the bullish stock scenario, in which many descreian is low, and many people are investing their money in gold to balance their portfolios, said Adam Klopfenstein, derivatives of Lind-Waldock senior strategist, to Reuters. (4) China is encouraging the purchase of gold and silver, no less than by television. China population: 1.3 billion people.

If every viewer begins to buy same quantity minimum of gold, it is not difficult to imagine what can happen with the commodity. Thunder Road Report, Paul Mylchreest, ex-analista of commodities of various investment banks, makes reference to the Central China (the largest state company TV) television is broadcasting a news program in which explains to the public in general, how easy that is to invest in precious metals, gold both as silver and that they represent excellent opportunities to earn money. (Robert Kiyosaki, author of rich dad, poor dad climbed to this news and began to exploit it, recommending investment in silver). The Chinese announcement says something like: ingots 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg and 5 kg with a purity of 99.9% are available for sale. A significant advance, being that until a few years ago, the trade in gold was strictly controlled. The report gives an account of each bank will sell to particular ingots of gold and silver in four different sizes, and everything relating to gold is enjoying a popularity very strong in China.

Future Contracts

The future contracts are negotiated in stock market of futures (Former: BM& FBovespa, CBOT, etc). When the involved ones make a negotiation, define the price for purchase and sales, knowing that the contract is standardized and is related to one determined active one, for ' ' entrega' ' in determined date. On the delivery valley an exception: many assets are not related the physical delivery, then we go to start to speak in expiration of the future contract. Former: Mini future Contract of Dollar. Nobody has that to deliver the amount of dollar or to receive the amount in the date from the expiration, the adjustments and rightness are made financially.

The same it happens with contracts of future (mini or full) of the index of the So Paulo stock exchange. The price of negotiation of the future contract tends to converge to the price of the market the sight (SPOT). A future contract creates an obligation between the involved parts. Who purchase and who vende are obliged to fulfill with its parts in the contract. Thus the two parts can exert its right in the date of maturity. But the parts do not need to take its contracts until the expiration, being able to negotiate its position before the expiration.

To negotiate contracts future an account in one must be had authorized broker for the stock market of futures. The negotiation of future contracts can be made with a part of the value of the negotiated contract, through initial edge and of maintenance, that is defined by the stock market, to give guarantee that who is operating it can fulfill with its part. In such a way, the operator obtains to alavancar its financial position, being able to control contracts, to the times, nine times bigger that its position deposited in the broker (he depends on the Stock market and the contract).

Fernando Lovisotto

According to Fernando Lovisotto, director of the RiskOffice, this change in the investments will have of being made in short term, therefore the alternative, that would be the reduction of the atuariais goals is very expensive and slower. The deep ones already had made small reductions, since had obtained to accumulate, surplus since 2002 on account of an excellent performance in stock market. But this positive scene for the investments hardly goes to happen again itself in the next years. Since 2006, the goal was reduced, in a weighed average calculation for patrimony, of 6% for 5,8%. For this they had been expenses between R$ 10 and 20 billion, they esteem Lovisotto. At this rate, the system would need something between R$ 40 billion and R$ 80 billion to reach atuarial goal of 5% to the year.

Although these challenges, in this year the performance of the entities has been positive, points Guillermo Benites, manager of the consultoria. In accordance with survey of the RiskOffice, that folloies a sample of 139 plans of benefits, until June the global return was of 8,79%. In the first semester, the Ibovespa marked 37.06% and the CDI accumulated 5,35%.Ainda according to statisticians of the consultoria, in June, the medium one of the global yield of the plans was below of the main atuariais goals and the CDI. The yield was of 0,3% in the last month. But 3% of the plans had gotten real return above of 6% and 7% had only obtained profits superiors 5%, already deducted the inflation measured for the INPC. Little 30% had more than had negative yield in ms.*Marcelo Rabbat are managing of the PR& , The specialized company at risk of Credit, Risk of Mercado and Consultoria de Investimento.


Night view Asia / Europe USD improvement and maximum recorded in Asia was reversed in a technical trade Expected number of talks scheduled for today The day’s events All times. talk Dudley 10 : 00am talk 10:00 a.m. Economic Optimism 10:00 a.m.

USD Wholesale Inventories m / m 1:00 pm USD Fed’s Bernanke will testify on Wednesday Schedule For Eastern (-5 GMT) 8:30 a.m. Trade Balance Duke 9:50 a.m. 10:00 a.m. talk Geithner talk 10:30 am Crude Oil Inventories Evans will speak 2:00 pm Federal Budget Balance The continued trade in both directions with a primarily trade Technical evening, while able to extend its gains against other currencies. Expected for today developments around the financial incentive plan, also awaiting the American treasury secretary, Geithner, discuss the plan in detail. If the plan was adopted without delay, would be seen as positive for the stock market and would be neutral for the dollar, as several analysts are not convinced that any plan will work without increasing spending DOLLARS. The president’s speech yesterday Obama contributed nothing, and if the announcement was so vague Geithner, the players probably did not buy dollars.