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The difference between a successful person from the unsuccessful is always available actions. But not any and not chaotic, but purposeful. Aimed at achieving results and objectives. Today I watched the movie 'The Pursuit of Happyness, "starring starring . It's amazing powerful film about a man who despite all sorts of failures was the goal and achieved great results. And it is the action hero of the film was a key moment on the way to his success. Talking about actions in business, is always worth bearing in mind the actions aimed at selling. Business without the sales are not possible in principle.

Sales of goods, services, capabilities – all important elements of business. Not only, but important. Sales also not possible without customers. Finding new customers, a dialogue with them, a business meeting – this is also the elements of sales and elements of a successful business. Having at hand a ready automated online business, your back-office sites, shops filled with tovarvmi (corporate and yours, if any) you can easily have at first to earn good money! Using a universal payment system, you can money transfers in any direction. With the support of partners of our team you will quickly gain momentum and reach higher profits. Success – is voluntary! Join now! All brilliant – easy!

Valerio Jacobi

The additional trades have a predefined and limited risk and make up only a fraction of the account value. The individual components, i.e. the instruments, underlying and direct investments, work together in such a way that any drawdowns at any time should exceed 8%. Is the risk of this managed accounts with a chance-oriented investment funds comparable? Valerio Jacobi: No. Chance-oriented funds have in times of crisis drawdowns by 30%-40% or more.

The drawdown at the Ceros pattern-Neumann managed account should not exceed 8%. Chance-oriented funds account but also 60% return in good years. This is Ceros pattern-Neumann managed account not intended, although it would be possible if it would increase the weight and thus the leverage the additional trades. This is but deliberately, with regard to the primary objective of a long-term and constant capacity building. The volatility in the managed accounts should be limited.

Why was this managed account not including as investment funds set up. The description for should it meet all requirements? Valerio Jacobi: The strategy could be mapped in an investment fund and it cannot be ruled out that a corresponding mutual funds is applied in the future. In principle, investment funds are however complicated and expensive in the design. For which target group is this managed account specially designed? “Valerio Jacobi: this managed account is suitable for anyone who consistently increase his fortune, take advantage of the upward movements on the stock markets, but exorbitant fluctuations, so roller coaster rides”, would like to avoid. But it’s an investment in stocks and futures markets, an investor in any case should have a longer investment horizon and a certain risk tolerance. What place in the portfolio should it take? Valerio Jacobi: The Ceros pattern-Neumann managed account follows a comprehensive investment strategy with asset values as basic investment, which is always secured. The additional trades lead to more diversification in terms of asset class, as well as the traded markets. Thus the managed account must not as admixture, as it is the case usually managed accounts, but may be a core investment are considered. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles in favour of note to managed accounts managed accounts, not in any arbitrary percentage size suitable for the securities accounts of investors. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

New Invisible Wall

The German speaker manufacturer Ceratec presents the new invisible Cerasonar built-in speakers with their own high performance exciter. Manufacturer Ceratec fascinated consumer electronics for years with finished products, which were always held in high-quality polished stainless steel, aluminium and glass. The latest development, the Cerasonar speaker panels are best HiFi without speakers now however completely invisible, but”! The decision to begin to optimize current developments on the market with the development of the Cerasonar exciters, the motor, fell towards the middle of 2007. Meanwhile, now also the sons of the founder of Ulrich vine and his wife are active in company Ceratec. As is known, Ulrich Ranke founded Eton and patented the HexCone honeycomb membrane technology. The construction of the Cerasonar of Heisenberg panels seems exceptionally, even though it is a technique, which is known since the thirties of the last century. In contrast to conventional speakers, the area moves the Cerasonar flat panels do not like a piston (only 0.3 mm stroke), but vibrates microscopically spread over the entire surface (DML system).

Imagine, the Panel stocks from thousands of tiny speaker chassis, which are all working to play every note on the Panel surface evenly. Since no movement before and returns, can use both sides of the speaker; the sound produced by back and front adds up. Cerasonar radiating panels sound across the front and back (dipole), where the rear sound emission can be suppressed by a cover. By the vibrating sound is scattered in all directions. The scattering takes place on the surface and allows full frequency response with extremely wide radiation. Shine compared to cone speakers Cerasonar flat panels the entire frequency range vertically and horizontally with an angle of about 160 almost evenly down. At first glance appears to this effect be the biggest advantage of.

Sound scattering the sound waves that are reflected by nearby walls, the ceiling or the floor, add panels to the direct sound of the Cerasonar. The wide radiating sound waves interact with the room size and strengthen the sound event. The entire audio/video market changed as never before. Comprehensive, conceptual solutions are in demand. Interior designers work closely with project integrators, who completely invisible professional installation and so the dream speaker and matching Electronics make a reality. Cerasonar is easy to install and offers an overwhelming sound. Ceratec has incorporated as audio specialist all the acoustic experience in the product, that women’s hearts beat faster: A house full of music but no (visible) speaker. The 6060 X 2 panel is fitted flush into the wall. The material is a special hard foam which (mode control correction) expressed by appropriate coating and MCC in contrast to competing products Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable!